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Uganda: NUP Lawyer Shamim Malende Nearly Assassinated on Masaka Road


NUP Lawyer Shamim Malende Nearly Assassinated on Masaka Road

Kampala district woman Member of Parliament Shamim Malende and NUP senior Lawyer has today morning survived assassination after attack unknown assailants on Masaka Road.

Through her Facebook page, Mrs. Malende disclosed that she was today morning attacked by unknown men while on her way to Masaka court for a bail application hearing for detained MPs Mohamed Ssegirinya and Allan Ssewanyana. 

“I have been attacked by unknown people on my way to Masaka court for the bail application of Hon Ssegirinya and hon Allan Ssewanyana and my car tyres deflated,” She said.

Malende who’s is a staunch member of Bobi Wine’s National Unity Platform (NUP) is among the legislators’ lawyers presenting them during their murder case. 

Her attack comes just two days after another NUP member and Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament Betty Nambooze Bakireke was attacked by assailants at her home. 





Chinese Rights Lawyer Stands Trial After Four Years’ Pretrial Detention


Chinese Rights Lawyer Stands Trial After Four Years' Pretrial Detention

The charges against Li Yuhan are a form of political retaliation for her rights work, a fellow lawyer says.

After four years in detention, human rights lawyer Li Yuhan stood trial in the northeastern Chinese province of Liaoning on Wednesday for “fraud,” and “picking quarrels and stirring up trouble,” a charge often used to target peaceful critics of the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Li, 60, who had previously defended high-profile rights attorney Wang Yu amid a nationwide crackdown on rights lawyers, stood trial at the Heping District People’s Court in Shenyang, where an ambulance was parked, amid concerns over Li’s poor health.

Wang, who showed up to support Li with fellow rights lawyer Xie Yang, said police had denied access to diplomats from six countries, who asked to observe the proceedings.

“There were diplomats from six countries including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the United States, the Netherlands, and Switzerland,” Wang told RFA from the scene. “Some were diplomats from consulates in Shenyang, and some were diplomats from Beijing.”

“They asked to observe, but the court said there were no available seats, so there weren’t allowed in.”

She added: “They are very concerned about this case. I also think that … the abuse of lawyer Li Yuhan has been inhumane.”

Wang said guards had thrown a security cordon some 50 meters from the front gates, and didn’t allow her or Xie Yang to pass.

“We saw a lot of lawyers and litigants from other cases trying to get through to submit materials or meet with a judge, but they weren’t allowed in either,” she said. “Court business was totally suspended.”

“We took a few photos from outside the security cordon, then we got driven away by the security guards, state security police and court police,” she said.


Earlier this year, the European Bar Association wrote to CCP general secretary Xi Jinping, expressing concerns over Li Yuhan’s poor health and situation in detention.

Wang said the charges against Li are retaliatory.