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India: Gangwar in national capital: Delhi’s top gangster Jitender Gogi shot dead in Rohini court


Rohini Court Firing: Lawyer Moves Supreme Court Seeking Directions To Enhance Security In Courts

Delhi’s top gangster Jitender Gogi has been shot dead in a daring shootout in Rohini court. He was arrested by the special cell of the Delhi Police.

Delhi’s top gangster Jitender Gogi was on Friday shot dead during a shootout in Rohini court. He was arrested by the special cell of the Delhi Police. 

As per the initial reports, two individuals were shot dead in a crossfire between the criminals and police. It is being reported that the infamous Tillu gang could be behind the incident and the prime target of the daring hit, Jitender Gogi, did not survive.

The firing took place in Rohini Court outside Court no. 206. Two assailants died on the spot between the cross-firing by the police personnel present at the scene of the crime. 

As per the initial report, the culprits were in the attire of an advocate. It is also being reported that one female lawyer was also injured in the attack. 

It is estimated that around 35-40 rounds were fired in the court premises. 

As per the witnesses, two assailants, in the uniform of an advocate, fired upon Gogi in court. The police team fired in return upon the assailants. 

The assailants, identified as Rahul and Mareesh were part of Tillu and Navin Bali gang.

Arvind Vats, Rohini Court joint secy told Times Now, “Police officials were there but not in the appropriate strength. A major question is how weapons reached the court? We have requested many times for more security. No proper security was in place. Guards are not well maintained.”









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