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Turkey: 78 bar associations say ‘attack on defense is unacceptable’


Raising concerns about the mounting threats and attacks against the right to defense, the 78 bar associations demand the suspension of the presiding judge and the police who took the Diyarbakır Bar Chair and lawyers out of the courtroom by force.

The 78 bar associations of Turkey have released a written statement condemning the incident where Diyarbakır Bar Association Chair Nahit Eren, the bar executives and lawyers were taken out of the courtroom by police force at the hearing of Ayşe Gökkan, the former Nusaybin Mayor and Free Women’s Movement (TJA) Term Spokesperson, on September 13.

“No person or institution can prevent a lawyer who is fulfilling her or his duty of defense from practicing the profession of attorneyship, they cannot physically attack or insult the lawyers,” the bars have said.

In their joint statement “aimed that expressing themselves and showing their determination of struggle in the face of the mounting threats and attacks on defense and the profession of attorneyship”, the bars have recalled that “the presiding judge ordered the police to take Diyarbakır Bar Association Chair lawyer Nahit Eren and lawyers out of the courtroom while the police officers physically attacked and insulted the bar chair, executives and lawyers.”

The bar associations have stressed that both the Presiding Judge of the Diyarbakır 9th Heavy Penal Court and the police officers who were involved in the incident should be immediately suspended from duty and the necessary legal and administrative investigation should begin.

Emphasizing the importance of the right to defense, the bars have said that this right “is the most important part of the right to a fair trial.”



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