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Poland: End harassment of Michał Romanowski


End harassment of Michał Romanowski

Lawyers for Lawyers, the Amsterdam Bar Association and the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) call for an end to the harassment of Polish lawyer Michal Romanowski, in relation to his legitimate professional activities.

Michał Romanowski is a Polish attorney and professor of company law at the University of Warsaw representing Polish and European judges Paweł Juszczyszyn and Igor Tuleya. Judges Tuleya and Juszczyszyn are currently facing disciplinary and criminal proceedings for respectively questioning the Polish government’s reforms that have eroded the independence of Poland’s judiciary. We, the undersigned organizations, have been informed that as a result of his involvement in the cases of judges Juszczyszyn and Tuleya, Mr. Romanowski is currently facing legal actions.

On April 14 2021, the District Court of Bydgoszcz ruled that judge Juszczyszyn should be permitted to resume adjudicating cases immediately at the court where he is employed.  Mr. Romanowski notified the public prosecutor’s office that the President of the District Court in Olsztyn, Mr. Nawacki, unlawfully refuses to enforce the decision of the court in Bydgoszcz. Consequently, Mr. Romanowski has been accused of committing the crime of false accusation against Mr. Nawacki. The case is currently being investigated by the Internal Affairs Department of the National Prosecutor’s Office.

Furthermore, Mr. Nawacki has urged the Regional Council of Attorneys in Warsaw to initiate disciplinary proceedings against Mr. Romanowski for his request that the case of judge Juszczyszyn should not be adjudicated by the court in Olsztyn, due to the alleged lack of impartiality and a conflict of interests of Mr. Nawacki as the president of this court. The accusations against Mr. Romanowski are currently under investigation. Mr. Nawacki has also demanded that the authorities of the University of Warsaw will undertake disciplinary actions against Mr. Romanowski in his capacity as a professor at the University of Warsaw.


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Colombia/Day of the Endangered Lawyer: Country File: The use of justice as a persecution mechanism (EN/ES/FR)


Country File / Colombia: The use of justice as a persecution mechanism

Iran/Kurdistan: Sanandaj / Detention of a Kurdish lawyer in order to execute a court order


Sanandaj / Detention of a Kurdish lawyer in order to execute a court order

On Wednesday, July 14, Farhad Mohammadi, a lawyer of the  Judiciary, was arrested and sent to Sanandaj Central Prison to serve his sentence of 10 months in prison.

Farhad Mohammadi was arrested by the Sanandaj Intelligence News Headquarters on January 2, 2019 and was transferred to Sanandaj Central Prison on May 25, after completing his interrogation. 

On July 9, 2019 was temporarily released on bail of 500 million tomans and  and his attorney’s case has been suspended.

Mohammadi was sentenced by a Sanandaj Revolutionary Court to 4 years in prison in March, but his sentence was reduced to ten months in prison on appeal for acting against national security.