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Belarus/Lithuania/Russia: Sofia Sapega Russian Law Student and Girlfriend of Roman Protasevich Held in Unknown Location after Arrest


Sofia Sapega

Sapega, 23, was traveling with Protasevich after vacationing in Greece and flying to Vilnius to defend her Master’s thesis, according to a European Humanities University statement

Sapega, 23, was traveling with Protasevich and flying to Vilnius to defend her Master’s thesis, according to a European Humanities University statement. Unfortunately, she too was detained and then arrested along with Protasevich on Sunday. Sapega, who is a Russian citizen, had been vacationing with Protasevich in Greece, according to a university spokesperson who confirmed the news to Reuters.

Sapega’s family also confirmed her detention on Monday, the spokesperson told the outlet. A Lithuanian passenger, who gave his name only as Mantas, said that on hearing the news that the plane was being diverted, Protasevich immediately opened an overhead locker, pulled out a laptop and a phone and gave them to a female companion. She was later identified Sapega. On landing, Protasevich was immediately separated from Sapega but alter she too was arrested.

In a statement given to Reuters, the university said: “As a result of a cover operation by the Belarusian authorities, the student was detained by the Administration of the Investigative Committee for the city of Minsk on groundless and made-up conditions.”

Arrested for No Reason

Needles to say, Sapega was unfortunate to be on the flight, which led to her arrest. Her university has condemned her arrest. “We protest against the unjustified detention of the member of EHU community”, the statement further read.

Sapega was flying to Vilnius to defend her Master’s thesis at the university to graduate from her five-year course. Sapega is a law student at the university, which was founded in Minsk in 1992 but forced by Belarusian authorities to relocate in 2004 to neighboring Lithuania.

Sapega’s university said it is providing her immediate consular assistance and has urged the international community and human rights defenders to assist in her release. “Sofia’s groupmates and faculty members tell that the student is well regarded due to her academic performance and reputation in EHU’s community,” the university statement read.

Although Sapega’s fate hangs in the balance, her university particularly is making all efforts to get her released. The Russian Embassy in Minsk told The New York Times that Belarus had notified the consul of Sapega’s detention but nothing more is known beyond that.








https://www.amnesty.org/en/documents/eur49/4191/2021/en/ (TAKE ACTION!)





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Turkey: Turkish Justice Ministry seeks cancelation of dismissed academic’s license to practice law


The Turkish Justice Ministry has filed a complaint against dismissed academic Cenk Yiğiter in an effort to cancel his license to practice law and prevent him from working as an attorney, the Duvar news website reported.

Yiğiter was dismissed from his position at Ankara University’s faculty of law in 2017 for signing the Academics for Peace (BAK) declaration of January 2016. He was charged with “spreading terrorist propaganda for a terrorist organization,” and his conviction is pending at an appeals court.

After his dismissal Yiğiter decided to pursue a career as a lawyer and started an internship in 2018, which is a requirement to qualify as a lawyer in Turkey. However, the ministry filed a lawsuit against Yiğiter arguing that dismissed public servants could not work as lawyers. Yiğiter lost the legal battle and was forced to leave the internship only eight days before it was scheduled to end.

The Constitutional Court ruled last year that dismissed public servants could register with bar associations and work as lawyers. Yiğiter subsequently did another internship and received his law license in April.

The Academics for Peace declaration was titled “We will not be party to this crime” and criticized the Turkish government for its violation of human rights and civil casualties among the predominantly Kurdish population of eastern Turkey. A total of 1,128 academics from various disciplines, mainly in the social sciences, signed the peace declaration, a number that more than doubled with the support of many other academics, artists and public intellectuals from around the world.




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