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Ecuador: Attorney for Former Vice President Glas Shot to Death


Police collect evidence at the Harrison Salgado crime scene, Quito, Ecuador, April 28, 2021.

Lawyer Salgado was shot several times from another vehicle while he was driving on Republica Avenue in Quito.

Harrison Salcedo, the attorney for Ecuador’s former Vice President Jorge Glas, was murdered on Wednesday. The crime was apparently perpetrated by hired killers.

Police confirmed that their intelligence units are gathering information to determine the reasons for the murder of the lawyer, who was shot several times from another vehicle while he was driving on Republica Avenue in Quito.

Due to his injuries, the lawyer could not control his vehicle and crashed into a commercial establishment about 50 meters from the Judicial Transit Unit.

Salcedo defended Glas in the “Bribery 2012-2016”, a case of alleged corruption for which ex-President Rafael Correa was also charged and convicted.

During his professional career, Salgado also defended the leader of the criminal group Los Choneros, Jose Luis Zambrano (aka Rasquiña), who was killed in Manta City in 2020.

In this case, the lawyer managed to reduce Rasquiña’s sentence from 20 to 8 years, which allowed him to be released on parole before his death.

This crime has been cited by authorities as one of the possible triggers for the February massacre in four Ecuadorian prisons, in which 79 inmates were killed in a string of score-settling.