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Iran: Lawyer Mohammad Hadi Erfanian arrested and sentenced to 3 months jail


Today, Sunday, April 26, 2020, Mohammad Hadi Erfanian Kaseb, an attorney at law and human rights activist, was arrested after referring to the Tehran Security Prosecutor’s Office and interrogated in solitary confinement in Ward 2A due to the case opened and the plaintiff is IRGC Intelligent Service.

According to Human Rights in Iran, Mohammad Hadi Erfanian Kaseb, an attorney at law and human rights activist, was arrested today, April 26, 2020, after attending Branch 2 of the Tehran Security Prosecutor’s Office following a complaint filed by the Revolutionary Guards and is under arrest in solitary confinement in Ward 2A of IRGC Evin prison.

According to information received from an informed source, Mohammad Hadi Erfanian Kasb, an attorney and counselor at law, was arrested by the Second Branch of the Tehran Moghaddas Prosecutor’s Office a few hours ago and sent to Ward 2A of the IRGC in Evin Prison. The lawyer, who has a history of representing cases such as the case of Raheleh Rahemi pour, Marjan Davari, and Alireza Shirmohammad Ali, a political prisoner murdered in Great Tehran Prison, and some Baha’i citizens, was previously subpoenaed at Branch 4 of the aforementioned Prosecutor’s Office on March 4, 2020, but his presence was delayed due to the quarantine conditions and the pandemic Corona virus. On April 20th, 2020, he received another summon, according to which the case was transferred from the Fourth Branch to the Second Branch based on unknown and illegal reasons.

According to this informed source, Mohammad Hadi Erfanian Kasb, along with his lawyers, visited the second branch of Moghaddas Prosecution’s Office at 10:00 AM today, but the interrogator ignored the presence of his lawyers in the office and after 5 hours put him under arrest and transferred him to Ward 2A of Evin Prison which belongs to IRGC Intelligent Service (SAS). The charge explained to him is “Propaganda Against the Islamic Regime.”



محمدهادی عرفانیان کاسب، وکیل دادگستری، توسط شعبهٔ ۲۹ دادگاه انقلاب تهران به ۳ ماه و ۵ روز حبس تعزیری محکوم شد .

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Philippines: Lawyers Killed and Attacked With Murderous Intent | Updated  list — Lawyers' Rights Watch Canada

There have been 100 violent attacks against Filipino lawyers (80) legal workers and paralegals (20) under the Duterte regime, July 1, 2016 to 30 April 2021. As a result:

63 lawyers have been killed, while 17 survived (10 attorneys, 3 judges, 4 prosecutors).

19 legal workers and paralegals have been killed while 1 human rights paralegal survived.

Categories of those killed:


  46 Attorneys

    8  Judges

    9  Prosecutors

             63 killed              17 survivors

Legal Workers:

    18 Paralegals

     1 Clerk of a Regional Trial Court

              19 killed                1 survivor                                          

Total      82 killed              18 survivors

Rate of killing of lawyers under last three Presidents:

Duterte                1.09   per month  ( 63 killed in   58 months)

Aquino                  .57   per month  ( 41    “     in   72      “     )

Arroyo                  .68   per month   (78    “     in  114     “      )