Mexico: A prominent lawyer was brutally murdered


Abel Murrieta fue asesinado en Cajeme. (Especial)

The murder of Abel Murrieta should get Americans’ attention.

On Thursday, an assassin or assassins riddled the 58-year-old Murrieta with bullets while campaigning for mayor of Cajeme, a town in the border state of Sonora, Mexico.

Mexican authorities didn’t say how he died nor have offered any possible motives, but surely this wasn’t an ordinary murder. Graphic images of his body lying on the street quickly made the rounds on social media, sparking outrage and accusations.

Murrieta, the former attorney general of Sonora, which shares a 372-mile-long border with Arizona, was also the lawyer of the LeBarón family that lost nine members in a brutal 2019 ambush.

That 2019 massacre of three mothers and six children – members of a fundamentalist Mormon community that has historic ties to Mesa – shook the world for the brutality of the attack while they were driving through the neighboring state of Chihuahua.

Murrieta’s murder has many possible motives

Speaking to the Spanish newspaper El País, Adrían LeBarón summed up Murrieta’s murder perfectly in Mexico’s complex web of violence that has left a trail of political candidates and drug-related deaths.

“This crime has 20 angles (motives) and all of them are correct,” he told El País in Spanish.


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