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China: Police urged to pursue culprits over assault, threats to Chinese human rights lawyer


A group of Chinese human rights lawyers have urged police to find the mastermind behind an assault on lawyer Chen Keyun and those who had threatened him, it said in a statement on Saturday.

Chen was attacked by a group of men on Tuesday evening when he was walking in Tianhe district in Guangzhou. He suffered fractures to his ribs, several cuts to his body and had to be hospitalized.

The China Human Rights Lawyers Group demanded in the statement that Tianhe public security officers apprehend the assailants without delay and find the mastermind behind the attack.

The statement went on to say that Chen had been the target of intimidation this year since he had repeatedly refused requests from Guangzhou’s national security police for several interviews. The national security police officers then allegedly demanded Chen leave Tianhe district.

Chen had since received threatening letters taped to his car, which was later trashed by unidentified individuals last month.

Public harassment, threats, intimidation, forced break-ins, wiretapping and physical assaults are some known tactics national security officials have used against human rights lawyers and activists, the statement said. They were “legal” methods approved by national security agencies to “maintain stability,” according to the group.

It added that it could not rule out suspicions that national security officers were behind the attack, as other human rights lawyers had faced the same fate. It pointed to the case of Guo Feixiong, a human rights lawyer from Guangdong province, who was forbidden by Guangzhou national security police to return to his home in the city since he was released from prison in 2019. Dissident Lu Yulu, who founded a website chronicling incidents of China’s human rights resistance, was evicted from his home in March.

The rights to peace, freedom and lawful residence are citizens’ basic, constitutional and civil rights, the group said. Anyone who infringed on those rights in the name of “maintaining stability” through methods of intimidation and other illegal means would only backfire, it added.

Chen has defended several human rights activists in numerous cases. In 2017, Chen helped mobilize a group of lawyers to defend dozens of secondary school students from Hunan province who had developed tuberculosis. They accused authorities of covering up the incident and as a result had caused the outbreak to spread. Authorities had “illegally stripped” Chen of his lawyer’s license, the group said.





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