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Indonesia/Burma: Two rights lawyers arrested at ASEAN protests


https://www.cnnindonesia.com/nasional/20210424185059-20-634295/lbh-jakarta-sebut-peserta-demo-myanmar-diangkut-polisi (INDONESIAN)


Burma: House-to-House Searches by Myanmar Junta Forces Nab Dozens of Protesters



Myanmar junta forces detained dozens of protesters amid searches and arrests of protesters over the past 24 hours, including a schoolteacher and a former ward administrator who were participating in the civil disobedience movement, witnesses said Thursday.

Though security forces have cracked down on protesters in Kalay, killing at least a dozen people in a siege of demonstrators’ barricades early this month, daily demonstrations have continued. Protest leaders said at least 25 people had been arrested in the past few days for joining street protests in that Sagaing region city known for heavy resistance to the junta.

Police and soldiers are searching for homemade weapons, mobile phone apps, saved photos, and social media accounts, a Mandalay resident who is under investigation by junta forces told RFA Thursday.


Police raids and fires

Despite the crackdown on protests against the military dictatorship, various groups, including students at Mandalay’s Yadanabon University, continued their lightning protests.

Security forces raided a housing estate in Chanmyathazi township Thursday morning and arrested two women and two men, including a female student studying at the Mandalay Institute of Medicine, a lawyer, and an IT technician, locals said.

“Police and soldiers had specific names, addresses, and apartment numbers when they raided the place and arrested four people, including women,” the person said. “I don’t know for what reason.”

The local resident overheard security forces saying that they didn’t find the person they wanted and that they would return later. However, they arrested all those found in the house.