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Belarus: Mother of jailed politician Babaryka’s lawyer put out of work


The Belarusian State Ubniversity (BSU) decided not to re-sign the employment contract with Alena Layeuskaya, a civil law teacher at the Faculty of Law.

Her son Dzmitry Laeuski is a lawyer of imprisoned ex-presidential candidate Viktar Babaryka. According to him, the university authorities have never had any complaints about his mother’s work.

“The employer has chosen not to renew [the contract], although she stated her willingness to continue working and intention to have the term of employment extended. Moreover, they are obliged to extend it under the law, as there is a rule in Article 261-5 of the Labour Code that an employer shall enter into a new contract with an employee who has no more than two years to reach their retirement age. This is exactly her case,” Dzmitry Layeuski commented on the situation.”

Nevertheless, the BSU administration seems to jhave turned a blind eye to a norm of law. Alena Layeuskaya, an associate professor at Civil Law Department, have worked at the university for 22 years. She is the author of more than 150 academic papers.

As reported earlier, since the beginning of post-election protests, Qualification Commission at the Justice Ministry have terminated the licenses of many Belarusian lawyers who were involved in defending citizens prosecuted on political grounds.





China: Wife of Chinese human rights lawyer accuses authorities of ‘vindictive’ detention


The wife of a human rights lawyer detained in northwest China has accused authorities of purposely “making life difficult” for her, as they had held her husband in a remote village more than two hours away.

Human rights lawyer Chang Weiping, 37, was arrested on April 7 for “subversion of state power” by authorities in Baoji in Shaanxi province. Chang’s wife Chen Zijuan was only recently notified that her husband was being held in a detention center in a remote village more than two hours’ travel away from the city, she wrote on Twitter on Saturday.

Chen maintained her husband was innocent and accused Baoji public security authorities of being vindictive and abusing their power by detaining Chang in a far-off location.

“As someone from Baoji, we all know that transportation is inconvenient in the Qin Mountains,” Chen wrote. “A lawyer would have to take the high-speed rail and airplane to Xi’an, then take the railway again to Baoji, and then another two hours and 20 minutes on a big bus before they can reach the detention center in that small village.”

She said it was puzzling why public security officials handling the case would do such a thing, considering Chang’s case would require hearing at an intermediate court or higher.

Chen said there was no legal basis for officials to have made such an arrangement and that it was an “outright abuse of power.” Chang’s family was also “extremely angry” at the local authorities’ “reckless behavior” and demanded they release Chang and rectify their wrongs, she said, adding that she would report the case.

Chang has represented defendants in several sensitive human rights cases, including HIV/AIDS and LGBT discrimination cases. He was taken away by police from his residence in Xi’an in January last year after meeting with human rights activists in Xiamen, Fujian province to discuss political affairs. He was granted bail pending trial, but the Baoji judicial bureau subsequently stripped him of his lawyer’s license.




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