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Venezuela: Attacks and harassment of Raquel Sánchez


Lawyers for Lawyers is deeply concerned about the safety of Raquel Sánchez, a Venezuelan lawyer, woman human rights defender and coordinator of the Venezuelan NGO Foro Penal, Táchira, a non-governmental organization that provides legal assistance to arbitrarily detained persons in Venezuela. Raquel is also a member of the Grupo de Trabajo Defensoras del Táchira, a group of women defenders who, since 2018, have documented cases of human rights violations in Táchira and provided support for victims. The Latin America focus group of Lawyers for Lawyers spoke with Raquel Sánchez during a video call in which she elaborated on the danger she encounters while performing her job as a human rights lawyer in Venezuela./0

During her career as a human rights lawyer, Raquel Sánchez has faced several attacks by unidentified individuals and public officials, who have pressured her to quit her work as a human right lawyer. For example, in June 2016, Raquel and a colleague, were attacked by three masked individuals while they were driving down a road in the center of San Cristóbal, Táchira State. The individuals struck the front windshield and the front door glass, inflicting wounds to Sánchez’s head. Sánchez had to go to the hospital, but the doctor did not want to give her a report that confirmed the cause of her injuries so that she would not have any material to legally process the case. Furthermore, Sánchez was forced to move several times due to threats she received due to her work as a human rights lawyer. She also received threats at her beauty salon – which she was exploiting besides her work as a human rights lawyer – reason of which she was forced to close down the beauty salon.

Sánchez encounters many difficulties when performing her work as a human rights lawyer because persons in positions of authority in Venezuela are deliberately limiting space for her work. The Venezuelan court has, amongst others, denied Sánchez to access the hearing of her clients and refused to receive evidence unless Sánchez’s clients would change lawyer. It is clear that the Venezuelan court and police do not accept lawyers from NGO Foro Penal. In this regard, Sánchez has experienced that in case a political prisoner asks for a lawyer of Foro Penal, the police tries to prevent this by saying that the prisoner will receive a lighter punishment if the case will not be handled by a lawyer of Foro Penal.

Sánchez has filed multiple complaints before the Public Ministry about fears for her safety. Unfortunately, she continues to be the target of attacks and surveillance, which have intensified during the famous human rights case she is currently in charge of in which she represents the victims of a recent incident of police violence. 


China/Hong Kong: Lawyers in Hong Kong 12 case told to dissolve their firm, banned from leaving Sichuan


The mainland law firm of Ren Quanniu, who was stripped of his license to practice after he was hired to represent one of the Hong Kong 12 jailed in Shenzhen, has been shut down by Chinese authorities and its remaining lawyers ordered to transfer to other firms.

The Henan-based law firm was told to disband by the lawyers’ association in the provincial capital of Zhengzhou, Ren said. Failure to comply would lead to the four remaining lawyers losing their licenses too, he said.

In February, Henan authorities revoked Ren’s license after accusing him of violating the code of practice in a 2018 case in which he represented a Falun Gong practitioner. This came after he was hired by one of the families of 12 Hongkongers captured at sea by the Guangdong coast guard in August last year while trying to sail to Taiwan.

Ren was one of three managing partners at the Henan law firm. After he lost his license, the firm had to appoint a new partner to meet regulatory requirements. That process required the firm to file an application with the authorities, but Henan justice officials have so far refused to process it.

The authorities had breached the law by refusing the firm’s attempt to appoint a new partner, Ren told Apple Daily. The demands to close the firm were “thuggish,” he said.

Ren warned that other human rights lawyers would be targeted in an ongoing crackdown by mainland authorities.






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