The Philippines: ICJ joins NGOs joint statement of concern for systematic human rights violation and impunity


The ICJ joined today seven other organisation in a statement before the UN Human Rights Council expressing concern at the systematic human rights violation and the persistent impunity in the Philippines and calling for more accountability.

The joint statement delivered by FORUM ASIA reads as follows:

“Madam President,

Nearly six months since its adoption, Human Rights Council resolution 45/33 offering technical assistance to the Philippines has proven to be utterly insufficient to address the systematic human rights violations and persistent impunity documented in the High Commissioner’s report. The Philippine Government’s policies and actions since the Resolution’s adoption have been completely at odds with the commitments outlined in it.

Extrajudicial killings in the so-called ‘war on drugs’ have continued. To date, the Government has made no tangible progress towards accountability against those most responsible for such killings. In December 2020, the Office of the Prosecutor of the ICC found that there is “reasonable basis to believe that the crimes against humanity” of murder, torture, the infliction of serious physical injury and mental harm, and other inhumane acts were committed between at least 1 July 2016 and 16 March 2019.

Human rights defenders pursuing legitimate work, especially those who advocate for international accountability, including lawyers, continue to be attacked and accused of belonging to terrorist groups. Rights defenders continue to be arrested and jailed. The draconian Anti-terrorism Act, passed last year, exacerbates risks to defenders. The killing of nine human rights defenders and activists on 7 March, two days after President Duterte ordered the police and military to “finish off” and “kill” those purported to be “communist rebels”, illustrates clearly the persistent killings and attacks faced by activists and defenders. It is very clear that no amount of technical assistance or capacity building will end the killings as the President and top government officials continue to incite murder and violence as official policy.


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One thought on “The Philippines: ICJ joins NGOs joint statement of concern for systematic human rights violation and impunity

  1. gillboehringer 23/03/2021 at 00:30 Reply

    Thanks for that block buster! The pressure is building up!
    If the ICC does not proceed on this one then they are a disgrace.

    I decided I would be wasting time emailing those idiots-Molo, Buan,Edre, FLAG. they will not back down. I am not sure why they made such a mistake re the pre-Duterte killings, but I do not trust any of them.

    I have started to write a piece on the pre-Duterte killings. The attempt to pass off GMA and Pinoy as having very good records re lawyer killings is shameful. If it is just failure to do the required research then that is also shameful.
    Bulatlat published some articles by one of their beloved young staffers, who died at an early age some years ago, on “Philippines among Most dangerous for Lawyers” back in 2006. So I will aim to get somethig published there. they have published many o my artticles in the past.

    In the article Alex Remollino quotes Neri Colmenares, leading NUPL official but then the spokesperson for CODAL (Counsels for the Defense of Liberties). Neri said there were 9 lawyer killed in 2005 (GMA). And Alex lists 7 more in 2006. Lawyers4 Lawyers said there were 25 up to that point. (Raf Jespers was a member of that IFFM and he said in a statement at that time there were 30-others at the time said other numbers but no one as I recall was below 23 (the number Rappler is using I believe. )

    So the numbers are way below our 78, but nothing like the 9 FLAG claimed ( FLAG would be close to the Liberal party which is the now decimated party of the former government of Pinoy and I think maybe GMA-but I will have to check that. FLAG reported that only 9 were killed in the entire term of GMA-which was 9.5 years!

    I am looking for similar evidence re Pinoy.



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