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Bangladesh: Bar protests at ‘torture’ of lawyer Ibrahim Khalil by police


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The Supreme Court Bar Association in a statement on Saturday alleged that its member AMB Ibrahim Khalil was tortured in the custody of the Rapid Action Battalion and prosecuted on Thursday on a ‘funny’ charge.

Chakwbazar police station officer-in-charge Moudud Howlader said that he was not aware of any torture of the lawyer in custody but the RAB-10 accused him of resisting law enforcers from arresting a suspect, and assaulting them.

RAB-10 commanding officer additional deputy inspector general Mahfujur Rahman said that the allegation of torture raised by the lawyer against battalion members was baseless. He was rather arrested for obstructing battalion members from arresting a suspected drug dealer, the battalion official said, adding that further action would be taken against him for making the ‘false allegation.’

Supreme Court Bar Association secretary Ruhul Kuddus Kajal said that the lawyer told him that he was picked up by the battalion members on a motorcycle near the High Court area on Thursday afternoon and kept detained in a secret place for hours and tortured in custody, injuring his eyes and face, among others.

Ruhul said that the lawyer was handed over to Chakwbazar police station and now was in jail as a metropolitan magistrate court on Friday set his bail application for hearing today.

He said that the motive behind the torture was not entirely clear but he was vocal on social media over irregularities of lawyer forums.



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Turkey: In remembrance of Turkey’s killed judges and lawyers



On March 10, the Turkey Tribunal organised a webinar to discuss the state of judicial independence and access to justice in Turkey. The webinar was like a summit of worldwide renown figures in the area of judiciary. Among them were Diego Garcia Sayan, U.N. Special Rapporteur for Independence of Judges and Lawyers, Jose Igreja Matos, president of European Association of Judges, and Filipe Marques, president of European Judges for Democracy and Liberty (MEDEL).

The webinar was based on a new report on  “Judicial Independence and Access to Justice in Turkey.” The report shares facts, especially actions by public authorities, which have occurred in Turkey since 2010 as they relate to the role of the Turkish judiciary, with a special focus on the dramatic decline in the independence of the judiciary after the failed coup attempt of July 2016. 

Leaving the content of the report and what was said by these most prominent and competent voices to the next article, I want to share my views as a witness in this webinar. This witness statement is a humble attempt to shake the EU’s and Council of Europe’s comfort in ignorance towards the catastrophe unfolding in Turkey. 

In this testimony, I attempt to share the feeling of waking up to a Kafkaesque dystopia. This is exactly what I mean by saying “I went to bed a judge, and woke up a terrorist”. Indeed, this was exactly what happened to me and thousands of other colleagues in the wake of the failed putsch.

Since there are incredibly sad stories I witnessed among my fellow colleagues, I preferred to share some of those stories instead of mine. Because I managed to buy the freedom of myself and my children by paying $ 40,000 to smugglers, and have the luxury to speak up. 

This luxury, in my view, brings along the responsibility to voice the illegalities and persecutions to silence each and every dissident in Turkey, not only among my persecuted colleagues, but also among all segments of society, including Kurds, Gülenists, democrats, leftists, LGBT community members, religious and ethnic minorities, etc. 

However, to comply with the context of the report and the webinar, I had to focus on remembering the judges and lawyers who died in prison, on their way to flee to become a refugee, or on hunger strikes after 2016. 

Among the judges who were found dead in their solitary confinement cells were Teoman Gökçe and Seyfettin Yiğit. Maybe, we will never be able to learn how they really died. Mehmet Tosun was another judge who died in a hospital after being released from a long-lasting imprisonment.





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