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Colombia: Lawyer Sebastián Escobar threatened again in the course of his work


Sebastián Escobar Uribe

On February 22nd, Sebastián Escobar Uribe, lawyer, member of CAJAR, representative of Díaz Chamorro family – who were recognised as victims before the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) – was threatened in a phone call.

Sebastián Escobar Uribe is one of the CAJAR lawyers who participated in the documentation of extrajudicial executions known publicly as “false positives”. Crimes that have been qualified by judicial operators as crimes against humanity committed by members of the security forces. As a lawyer, in addition to the presentation of reports, he also brought action before the International Criminal Court regarding the preliminary examination of Colombia, which, among others, focuses on this type of crimes.

Sebastián Escobar Uribe received a short call (33 seconds) on his mobile phone, in which a man threatened to kill both him and Juan David Díaz Chamorro. The latter is the son of Edualdo Díaz Salgado, mayor of El Roble (Sucre), who was assassinated on 10 April 2003.

Sebastián Escobar Uribe believes this threat is related to the recent actions he carried out on behalf of the Díaz Chamorro family before the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP). These proceedings came after the voluntary submission, as a third party, of the former governor of Sucre, Salvador Arana Sus. Whom had already been convicted in 2009 by the Supreme Court of Justice for the murder of the mayor of El Roble (Sucre).

On 11 February 2021, Juan David Díaz Chamorro was recognised as a victim, by the Legal Definitions Chamber of the JEP, after submitting his application in search of truth and justice.








Iran: A sad day for human rights: Nasrin Sotoudeh in prison for 1000 days


Iranian human rights defender Nasrin Sotoudeh, a beacon of hope for many Iranians suffering under the theocratic mullah dictatorship, will mark the thousandth day of her prison sentence on 8 March 2020. She was arrested on 13 June 2018 and later sentenced to 33 years imprisonment and 148 lashes.

Nasrin Sotoudeh campaigned primarily against anti-women laws and fought against the arbitrary violation of existing rights within the Islamic Republic. Before her new conviction, Nasrin Sotoudeh worked to defend two young women who publicly protested against the wearing of the headscarf enforced by law and who were subsequently imprisoned. Nasrin Sotoudeh is an iconic figure of the Iranian human and civil rights movement. She has received many international awards and is a member of the board of trustees of the International Society for Human Rights.

Martin Lessenthin, spokesperson of the IGFM board, emphasises: “8 March 2021 is a sad day for human rights. Every day that Nasrin Sotoudeh has to spend behind bars is a day when the Iranian leadership commits a crime against its people. On many occasions, Nasrin Sotoudeh defended people in court who otherwise would not have found a lawyer. She was always on the side of those victimised by the oppressive power apparatus. She defended women who wanted to live a self-determined life or children who were threatened with the death penalty. This is yet another reason why Nasrin and her family are so cruelly persecuted by the mullah regime.”

Until mid-October 2020, Nasrin Sotoudeh was imprisoned in the notorious Evin Prison before being transferred without her knowledge to Qarchak Prison, known for its abysmal sanitary conditions, on 20 October 2020 under the pretext of a hospital visit. During her detention, she was allowed to leave prison for a few days following a 50-day hunger strike to seek medical treatment for Covid disease and to see her family. However, her prison sentence is still set to last more than 20 years, an inhumane punishment for the mother of two children, IGFM criticises.

In 2012, the European Parliament awarded her the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought for her courageous commitment to human rights. In September 2020, Sotoudeh was awarded the Human Rights Prize 2020 by the German Judges’ Association and on 1 October 2020 she was awarded the Right Livelihood Award, also known as the “alternative Nobel Prize”.






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Algeria: Hirak : Un collectif d’avocats condamne l’”interpellation” de certains de ses membres



Le collectif des avocats de défense des détenus du Hirak a condamné, dimanche, les “interpellations” et la “brutalisation” de certains de ses membres lors des manifestations de vendredi réclamant le départ du régime.

“Certains avocats du collectif de défense des détenus du Hirak ont subi des dépassements dangereux et des interpellations arbitraires lors des manifestations des deux derniers vendredis”, peut-on lire dans un communiqué du collectif.

Le collectif a appelé les autorités algériennes à mettre fin à ces pratiques “illégales”, soulignant que tous les avocats ayant été victimes de ces “dépassements” agiront en conséquence en recourant à la justice.

Vendredi dernier, le Haut-Commissariat des Nations unies aux droits de l’Homme s’est dit “très préoccupé” par la détérioration de la situation des droits humains en Algérie et par la répression continue et croissante contre les membres du mouvement pro-démocratie Hirak, soulignant que les dispositions du Code pénal algérien, “rédigées de manière vague”, sont utilisées pour restreindre la liberté d’expression et poursuivre les personnes exprimant des opinions dissidentes.


Hirak : Un collectif d’avocats condamne l’”interpellation” de certains de ses membres