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Belarus: Four Belarusian lawyers stand to lose licenses


Belarusian Lawyers Describe Living in a Soviet-Era Nightmare – Courthouse  News Service

Qualification Commission at the Ministry of Justice has terminated the licenses of lawyers Kanstantsin Mikhel, Mikhail Kiryliuk, Maksim Konan and Liudmila Kazak, Mediazona reports.

The reasoning behind this decision is unknown. The basis for the review of Kanstantsin Mikhel‘s license was his administrative arrest (14 days) under Article 23.34 in November 2020. Maksim Konan is in the same situation: he served 12 days in October. In the case of Liudmila Kazak, lawyer of Maryia Kalesnikava, the formal cause was an administrative case under Article 23.4 (“Disobedience to the lawful demand of an official”).

Mikhail Kiryliuk, a member of the Coordination Council, is not in Belarus at the moment – his interests were represented at the commission by Siarhei Zikratski. His license was terminated because of “inappropriate expressions towards representatives of the state bodies”.

The final decision will be made by the board of the Ministry of Justice at the beginning of next week. For now, the lawyers are still entitled to engage in their activities.

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Iran/Kurdistan: Marivan: IRGC intelligence arrested a lawyer


Marivan: IRGC intelligence arrested a lawyer

Gulaleh Watandoust, a lawyer in the city of Marivan, was arrested by the IRGC.

“The Kurdish woman lawyer has been detained by Marivan security forces in recent days, and several days after her arrest, no information is available on the charges against her or where she is being held,” Asonews reported.

In the past, Galaleh Watandoust had been repeatedly summoned, threatened, intimidated, and detained by the IRGC’s intelligence service.