UK: Eco-barrister to face contempt of court proceedings for leaking Supreme Court Heathrow judgment


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Tim Crosland is being hauled back before top justices for his calculated act of protest

Eco-barrister Tim Crosland will face contempt of court proceedings for leaking a Supreme Court judgment in protest at the result.

The Solicitor General, Michael Ellis, announced today that he will be hauling Crosland back before the Supremes to answer for the leak. If found to have committed contempt, the environmental campaigner could in theory face up to two years in prison.

Crosland, the director of environmental group Plan B, sent an embargoed copy of the judgment to the press after learning that the court had overturned a Court of Appeal decision blocking Heathrow’s plans for a third runway.

Fellow lawyers queued up to criticise his decision, and Crosland himself wrote that he fully expected to be disbarred as well as be done for contempt.

But he insisted that the leak was necessary to call attention to the Supreme Court’s failings in the case, calling its decision “a treasonous betrayal of this country’s young people”.



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