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The Philippines: Lawyers’ group condemns killing of Bukidnon colleague


Philippines: Lawyers Killed and Attacked With Murderous Intent | Updated  list — Lawyers' Rights Watch Canada

A group of lawyers in Mindanao condemned the recent killing of their colleague in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon, branding it an “attack on the rule of law in general.

The Union of Peoples’ Lawyers in Mindanao (UPLM) said in a statement that the killing of Winston Intong is symptomatic of the continuing state of impunity in the country.

“The state of impunity in the country would further fuel the spate of killings not just against members of the bar but also of ordinary folks,” the group said.

Intong was gunned down by two motorcycle-riding assailants outside his residence in Malaybalay City on Thursday, as he was buying some vegetables.

The group has noted that there have been 54 lawyers, prosecutors and judges who fell victims to extrajudicial killings since 2016.

The UPLM said it has called on the government to act decisively to end the attacks.




China: Upcoming hearing on the revocation of human rights lawyer Ren Quanniu’s license


On 19 January 2020, the Henan Provincial Judicial Department will hold a hearing in Zhengzhou, at the request of human rights lawyer Ren Quanniu (任全牛), who will challenge the authorities’ decision to initiate the process to revoke his lawyer’s license in response to his human rights work.

Ren Quanniu (任全牛) is a human rights lawyer based in Zhengzhou, Henan province in central China. He has provided legal assistance to detained or prosecuted human rights defenders and journalists, including Ding LingjieZhen Jianghua, and Zhang Zhan. He has also defended individuals who faced prosecution due to their religious affiliations, including Falun Gong followers. In 2016, he was placed under criminal detention for almost a month after he publicly called on the local police to investigate allegations that his client, woman human rights defender Zhao Wei, was ill-treated in a detention centre.

In 2020, Ren Quanniu was hired to defend one of the 12 Hong Kong youth activists who were intercepted by Chinese authorities in August 2020 while fleeing to Taiwan by boat, but the authorities refused to allow him to meet his client and repeatedly threatened him in a bid to force him to abandon the case. Lu Siwei, another human rights lawyer who also represented one of the Hong Kong activists, is also facing revocation of his license and attended a hearing in Chengdu on 13 January to challenge the decision. On 28 December 2020, The European Union criticised the trial and subsequent sentencing of ten of the Hong Kong activists for not respecting the defendants’ fair trial and due process rights, including the right to appoint legal counsel of their choice.

In early January 2021, Ren Quanniu received two official notices, both dated 31 December 2020, from the Henan Provincial Judicial Department informing him that it opened an investigation on 21 December 2020 into his conduct. The Department indicated it has decided to initiate the process to revoke his license as an “administrative punishment” for his actions during a trial in November 2018 where he was legal counsel to an individual prosecuted for “using a cult to harm the implementation of laws”, a trumped-up charge often used to target members of religious groups not approved by the government.






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