Uganda: 7th statement on the frivolous charges against Nicholas Opiyo


We continue to demand that the fabricated and malicious charges be dropped 

Earlier today, Monday January 11, 2021, Mr. Nicholas Opiyo appeared before the Anti-Corruption Magistrate’s Court for the mention of the case in which he faces trumped-up money laundering charges. The State Attorney representing the Director of Public Prosecutions informed court that the investigations were incomplete and requested for an adjournment. Court adjourned the matter to January 28, 2020. 

We find it deeply troubling that the State initiated criminal proceedings against Mr. Opiyo before investigations would reveal any evidence to sustain the said charges. 

We maintain that Mr. Opiyo is innocent and the charges against him are frivolous and an abuse of court process. 

It should concern every citizen when laws and institutions meant for their protection are instead weaponized for their persecution and punishment. We are aware of many other Ugandans facing similar baseless and politically motivated charges in courts of law. This perversion of justice is a stain on our institutions and risks corrupting the very basis of our social fabric that relies on the courts to determine all disputes impartially. We cannot expect law governed behavior from citizens if the custodians of the law disregard the laws, abuse them or manipulate them for partisan or personal purposes.




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