Hong Kong/USA: Lawyer, race campaigner, and academic among Hong Kong arrests


Dozens of people were arrested in a morning sweep of democracy activists in Hong Kong

Hong Kong police arrested dozens of democracy supporters Wednesday under a draconian security law imposed on the city last year by Beijing.

The operation was sparked by an unofficial primary poll that democracy groups held last year to choose candidates for an ultimately scrapped local election.

At the time Beijing warned the primary was “subversion” because the opposition was attempting to win a majority in the partially elected legislature that would have allowed them to block government legislation.

Those detained on Wednesday represent a broad cross-section of the democracy movement.

Here are four notable figures who were arrested.

The American lawyer

American national John Clancey is a veteran lawyer at Ho Tse Wai and Partners, a firm known for taking up human rights cases.

He is the first US national detained under the new security law.

Fluent in Cantonese, he has been practising in Hong Kong since 1997 and has been a key figure within legal groups advocating for greater democracy and human rights protections.

He is the chairman of the Asian Human Rights Commission and the Asian Legal Resources Centre, as well as a founding member of the China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group.

During the pro-democratic camp’s primary election Clancey served as the treasurer of the Power of Democracy organising group.

The academic

Benny Tai, 56, is no stranger to arrest.

The devout Christian law professor has previously been jailed for helping to lead peaceful democracy protests in 2014 and ast year he lost his university job because of that conviction.

A non-violence advocate, he has embraced civil disobedience and was a key thinker behind last year’s primary.

His idea was to unite Hong Kong’s disparate democracy groups into a single coalition that could win a majority for the first time.

Only half the legislature’s 70 seats are elected — a system that all but guarantees loyalist control — but if the opposition won all 35 seats it could block legislation.

At the time the plan was conceived, it was entirely legal, but halfway through the campaign Beijing’s new security law was imposed and the primary was declared an illegal attempt to subvert the government.










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