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USA: Day of the Endangered Lawyer: Spotlight on Azerbaijan Wednesday, January 13, 2021 | 12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.


New York City Bar

Program Fee:
Free for Members | $15 for Non-Members 

Please Note: All attendees will receive an email confirmation including a zoom invite two hours prior to the program with details of how to access the webinar.

In recent years, there has been a crackdown on attorneys in Azerbaijan. Human rights lawyers and lawyers who are seen as opposing the current administration in Azerbaijan have been persecuted. Attorneys have been prevented from practicing and, in some instances, have been incarcerated or forced to leave the country. Our panel of distinguished speakers will discuss the current situation in Azerbaijan and the actions taken by lawyers and activists in response. 

Panelists:Dr. Leila Alieva, Russian and East European Studies affiliate, Oxford School of Global and Area Studies
Leyla Madatli, Legal Consultant, International Commission of Jurists
Dr. Farhad Mehdiyev, Director at Impulse Survey Center and Partner and Legal Consultant at Arbitrage Consulting


Day of the Endangered Lawyer

China: Gao Zhisheng’s Sister Dies ‘in Despair’ Over Treatment of Family


Gao Zhisheng's Sister Dies 'in Despair' Over Treatment of Family

The sister of “disappeared” Chinese rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng has taken her own life out of despair at her family’s treatment at the hands of the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP), RFA has learned.

“We have had bad news at the beginning of the New Year,” Geng said via her Twitter account. “I was shocked to learn that Gao Zhisheng’s sister [died] in May 2020.”

Gao’s sister had suffered greatly following her brother’s most recent “disappearance” three years ago, and had suffered from insomnia and depression, Geng wrote.

Geng told RFA in a later interview that Gao’s sister’s problems could be traced back to a violent police raid on the family home in 2006, as Gao was visiting the family during her husband’s terminal illness.

State security police used force to take Gao away, while his sister and her children were placed under house arrest in a nearby hotel, Geng told RFA.

“[After that], she became depressed and unwell, and couldn’t sleep at nights,” Geng said.

Gao’s sister’s home in Shandong had been under close surveillance during Gao’s most recent “disappearance,” which has lasted more than three years, Geng said.






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Tanzania releases rights lawyer after year in jail


Tito pic

A local court in Tanzania on Tuesday set free a prominent human rights lawyer and another person charged with “economic crimes,” including money laundering and organized crimes.

Tito Magoti, a 27-year-old lawyer and outspoken government critic, and Theodory Giyan, an IT specialist at a private firm, were arrested on Dec. 20, 2019.

Both were charged with “leading organized crime, possession of a computer program designed for the purpose of committing an offence and money laundering,” and had since been detained without trial.

The duo paid a fine of 17.3 million Tanzanian shillings (approximately $7,500) as part of a plea bargain deal after they pleaded guilty to one count of leading organized crime with intent to earn illegal income.

Human rights defenders have criticized the verdict, saying the accused were “forced to buy their freedom.”

“After more than 1 year of detention without trial, Tito Magoti and Theo have been forced to buy their freedom by pleading guilty and paying a fine,” Fatma Karume, a human rights lawyer, wrote on Twitter.

The Human Rights Watch and Amnesty international had repeatedly been urging the government of Tanzania to unconditionally release the duo, terming the charges against them “spurious.”




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