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France: Le Barreau de Paris vient en aide aux avocats menacés dans le monde



La face cachée du globe |Les atteintes à l’Etat de droit se multiplient et les avocats qui travaillent sur des dossiers sensibles sont aujourd’hui plus exposés et isolés que jamais. Face à ce constat, le Barreau de Paris a décidé de créer un programme d’accueil et de répit pour les avocats menacés partout dans le monde.

L’exercice de la profession d’avocat devient de plus en plus dangereux dans le monde. Les robes noires risquent dans certains cas des condamnations plus fortes que les clients qu’elles défendent. Face à cette situation, les avocats du Barreau de Paris lancent un nouveau programme d’aide à leurs confrères menacés. Le programme Répit est né et maître Martin Pradel, président de la commission exercice du droit au conseil national des barreaux, nous le présente.

Les avocats dans l’exercice de leur fonction sont-ils aujourd’hui davantage menacés dans le monde ?

Lorsqu’un avocat est menacé, il sollicite le soutien de ses confrères et en particulier s’agissant des avocats de l’étranger, ils s’adressent aux avocats français et plus précisément aux avocats du Barreau de Paris. Ces demandes de soutien, ces demandes de solidarité sont de plus en plus fréquentes et nous l’avons constaté, elles sont de plus en plus de nombreuses. 

Les avocats qui sont menacés sont des personnalités engagées qui ont une vision du monde, une vision de la société, de nos sociétés qui sont des visions partagées sur des questions comme l’état de droit, sur l’égalité et sur la promotion de la liberté d’expression. Et ces personnes mènent souvent un combat sur le terrain. 

Elles veulent pouvoir continuer leur combat et elles ne cherchent pas à se dérober. Le nombre de nos confrères qui vivent cette situation est en augmentation. Ils sont courageux et veulent pouvoir continuer le combat. Mais, c’est très difficile d’arriver à les soutenir, surtout ces temps-ci alors que le monde est touché par une pandémie qui nous empêche de voyager. On a donc une situation difficile, car ces confrères, ces avocats sont très isolés.






Pakistan: After lawyer’s ‘abduction’, IHC reiterates concern over ‘abysmal state of law and order’ in Islamabad



The Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Monday once again expressed concern over the “deteriorating law and order situation” in the capital after a lawyer was allegedly abducted from his home by unidentified individuals before being released two days later.

Advocate Hammad Saeed Dar, who was taken away from his home in the early hours of Saturday, appeared in the court today to detail the ordeal he allegedly went through.

The case was heard by IHC Chief Justice Athar Minallah, who had taken up a petition filed by Dar’s father seeking his recovery. The court had earlier ordered Dar’s recovery by Monday (today) in a notice to the interior secretary and Islamabad inspector general of police.

Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Police (Operations) Waqaruddin Syed, Saddar Superintendent of Police Sarfaraz Virk and SP (Investigations) Malik Naeem, and other officials were present at the hearing.

Speaking to reporters at the court, Dar said the bell of his house located in the Tarnol area was rung at around 1:30am on Saturday. Around 12-15 people standing outside told his father that they wanted to meet Dar.

Although only two of them were invited inside, 10 individuals allegedly forced their way into the house and apprehended Dar as soon as they spotted him, the lawyer said.

He alleged that his personal belongings including his laptop and cell phone were confiscated and he was blindfolded and taken away in a car. He was driven around in the car for about half an hour before being taken to a room where he was detained.

Dar said he could not identify his alleged abductors and did not know “what they wanted from me”.



Lawyer abducted in Islamabad



China: China Moves to Punish Lawyers Hired to Help Hong Kong Activists


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Lu Siwei and Ren Quanniu were barred from aiding a group of pro-democracy protesters who were arrested at sea, but could still lose their licenses.

The Chinese legal authorities have threatened to revoke the licenses of two lawyers hired to help a group of Hong Kong protesters who were arrested last year while trying to flee to Taiwan by speedboat.

Ten of the activists were convicted last week by a court in the mainland Chinese city of Shenzhen of illegal boundary crossing and sentenced to prison terms ranging from seven months to three years. Two other members of the group who were minors at the time of their arrest in August were returned to Hong Kong, a semiautonomous Chinese territory.

For Hong Kong’s pro-democracy opposition, the case has highlighted fears of the Communist Party-controlled legal system on the mainland and the risks it poses to the city’s tradition of an independent judiciary.

Most of the group faced charges in Hong Kong connected with antigovernment protests in 2019, including arson, rioting, assaulting police officers and weapons possession. One member, Andy Li, was under investigation on suspicion of violating the national security law imposed on Hong Kong last year. They were arrested by the Chinese Coast Guard on their way to Taiwan, a self-governing democracy that Beijing claims as its territory, and detained on the mainland.

The two lawyers, Lu Siwei and Ren Quanniu, were hired by family members of the activists but were barred from representing them. Instead, the defendants were forced to rely on government-appointed lawyers.

The two lawyers have taken on many sensitive cases. Mr. Lu was formally reprimanded after representing another human rights lawyer in 2019 who had openly criticized the Chinese leadership. Mr. Ren recently represented Zhang Zhan, a citizen journalist sentenced last week to four years in prison for her reporting on the coronavirus outbreak in the mainland Chinese city of Wuhan.








https://www.sapo.pt/noticias/atualidade/china-quer-retirar-licenca-a-advogados-de_5ff309899c4bdb5cc05c6a9f (PORTUGUES)

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Uganda: Trial of Nicholas Opiyo is also the trial of Museveni regime


To understand Nicholas Opiyo, you need a sense of perspective. You need to understand adversity. Above all, you need an ability to reflect on things that happen to you from a particular point of view. Nicholas Opiyo grew up at the height of the war in northern Uganda. He knows what injustice is. He knows what suffering is. Above all he knows what abuse of power is.


On Tuesday December 22, 2020, while Opiyo and four other human rights lawyers were having lunch at a Kampala restaurant, heavily armed and hooded men surrounded them, handcuffed them and bundled them abduction style into minivans and sped off. They surfaced at Kireka Special Investigations Unit on the outskirts of Kampala.
The regime harassing Opiyo is caught up in its own dilemmas and drama. It has forgotten that what they profess now is based on their point of view. The narrative they are pushing is that foreign powers are working through certain political leaders and prominent government officials to ferment instability and eventually overthrow the current government.

We recall the Kale Kayihura saga and the circumstance under which President Museveni took drastic measures to purge the police of “weevils” suspected of serving subversive foreign interests. Museveni insists that the police (and probably other security agencies) are heavily infiltrated and may have elements determined to undermine the Ugandan State. This may explain recent changes in the leadership of the Special Forces Command, the police and the intelligence organisations.

Opiyo may be in the dock now but in a wider sense, the Museveni regime is also in the dock. The money laundering charges aside, Opiyo’s real offence is that Museveni’s hitherto darlings in the power centres of the West are lending the likes of Opiyo a keen listening ear. It may be unsettling to the Uganda government that policies towards Uganda may be defined by the input of people like Opiyo.











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