Cameroon: Lawyers desert courts nationwide in protest


Lawyers Boycott Courts in Cameroon

The doors of the Wouri Court of Appeal remain closed this Monday, November 30, 2020.
At Bonanjo, Bonaberi and Ndokotti courts of first instance , it’s a similar situation.

No lawyer is in court for any activity. They are respecting a five-day lawyers’ strike called by the Bar Association running from Monday, November 30 to Friday, December 4, 2020.

Just as in Douala, lawyers throughout the national territory are observing the strike.

Following a release signed by the interim Bar Council president, Barrister Claire Atangana Bikouna, they decry the non-respect of lawyers in Cameroon by the magistracy, military and the executive in Cameroon.

According to Barrister Amungwa Nicodemus, magistrates in Cameroon erroneously consider themselves superior to Lawyers.
“Given that they have the final decision in a court does not mean they should intimidate and abuse lawyers in the process of seeking justice. This has to stop for justice to be rendered to Cameroonians to improve the society,” he said.

“Magistrates, police and gendarmes in Cameroon have practically taken over the functions of lawyers. They call and intimidate clients and lawyers asking for money in exchange of justice. This is unacceptable,” Barrister Ebi Standley has stated.



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