Bolivia: They arrested in Bolivia one of the lawyers who denounced fraud and requested that the elections be audited


The legal advisor to the Pro Santa Cruz Committee who denounced fraud in the last presidential elections in Bolivia, in which the candidate of Evo Morales Luis Arce prevailed, was arrested today in a process full of irregularities. Valda, in fact, was one of the lawyers who most actively supported the complaint against the results of the elections of October 18, 2020, so his arrest fuels suspicions of persecution.

According to Martín Camacho, the detainee’s lawyer, Valda was at a precautionary hearing for a traffic event, and inexplicably policemen arrived from La Paz and detained him after the hearing, then took him to the Viru viru airport.

Valda’s irregular transfer

To counteract this arrest warrant, the defense filed a release action to prevent the transfer to La Paz, but although the appeal was admitted and the hearing was set for tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. at the Second Sentencing Court of Santa Cruz, the prosecutors prevailed and transferred him to La Paz anyway.

The arrest warrant against VAlda

The arrest warrant against VAlda

In a statement released today after the arrest, the Committee He denounced that the Government of the Movement for Socialism began a “judicial persecution against the civic, who have been defending democracy and the rule of law in the country.” “The Committee for Santa Cruz rejects the persecution against all citizens who have been working for the sake of building a better Bolivia, with democracy and freedom,” they emphasize in the statement.

After the October 18 elections, citizen organizations and civic groups in cities such as Santa Cruz, the largest in the country, La Paz, the seat of Government and Parliament, and Cochabamba carry out protests, vigils, and civic strikes.



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