Turkey: Court of Appeals Upholds 159-Year Prison Term for Contemporary Lawyers’ Association Members

October 16, 2019

The court has rejected all the objections on the merits, making the final judgment for six lawyers. The arrest of the six lawyers will continue.

İstanbul Regional Court of Justice 2nd Penal Chamber (court of appeals) has announced its decision in the case where lawyers from the Contemporary Lawyers’ Association (ÇHD) were given a 159-year prison term in total.

All objections have been rejected on the merits.

This is the final judgment for six lawyers who were sentenced to less than five years in prison, therefore they will not be able to appeal the verdict.

Twelve lawyers who were sentenced to more than five years in prison can appeal the decision at the Court of Cassation.

Reason for the refusal: Court’s opinion and assessment

The court of appeals, in its verdict dated October 8, explained the reason for refusing the objections as follows:

“According to defendants’ statements of defense, the proceedings, the evidence collected and displayed at the court, the opinion and assessment of the court in accordance with the results of the investigation, the content of the case file, it has been understood that there is no procedural or meritorious unlawfulness in the court’s decision, there is no deficiency in the evidence and proceedings that the actions are considered correct and in accordance with the type of crime that is stated in the law, the sentence is implemented in the legal context…”


Istanbul Regional Appeal Court upheld 159 years prison term given to 18 lawyers

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