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Egypt: Rights lawyer Gamal Eid attacked

October 10, 2019






300 UN recommendations spurned by the Egyptian government; 12 demands must be urgently implemented before next month’s UPR

https://cihrs.org/300-un-recommendations-spurned-by-the-egyptian-government-12-demands-must-be-urgently-implemented-before-next-months-upr/ (ARABIC)

https://www.facebook.com/events/669343450226861/ (FRANCAIS)

https://www.dw.com/de/menschenrechtsaktivist-gamal-eid-der-zorn-ist-berechtigt/a-50648470 (DEUTSCH)

https://www.vistazo.com/seccion/mundo/actualidad-mundial/detienen-y-torturan-destacada-activista-egipcia-esraa-abdel-fattah (ESPANOL)

http://www.kaixian.tv/gd/2019/1014/1075615.html (MANDARIN)

Iran/Turkey/Syria: Nine protesters detained outside Turkish embassy in Tehran

October 13, 2019

Nine people were detained by Iranian security forces outside the Turkish embassy in Tehran on Saturday while protesting against Turkey’s ongoing military offensive in northeast Syria.

Since Operation Peace Spring began on Wednesday evening, protests have sprung up across Iranian Kurdistan, also known as Rojhelat, concentrated on the major Kurdish cities of Sanandaj, Baneh, Piranshar, and Marivan, amid a heavy security presence.

Hundreds of protesters also gathered outside the Turkish embassy in the Iranian capital Tehran on Saturday to protest Ankara’s Syria offensive. The protesters chanted “death to Turkey and Erdogan” and “Rojava is not alone”.

One protester, who wished to remain anonymous, told Rudaw at least nine people were detained by security forces.

“Minutes after the protests started, security forces forced the protesters to leave the area with force,” the protester said. “The security forces detained nine protesters.”

Abdullah Jahanbyn, head of a Kurdish lawyers group, and Ismail Salary, a Kurdish human rights lawyer, are among those detained, he added.



Algeria: Soutien aux collectifs de défense des détenus et marche nationale le 24 octobre : La colère des avocats

le 13 octobre, 2019

Soutien aux collectifs de défense des détenus et marche nationale le 24 octobre : La colère des avocats

Le conseil de l’UNOA a «unanimement» dénoncé «toute forme de dépassement et d’entrave à l’encontre de la liberté d’expression, de la liberté de manifester et de la liberté de circulation».

Les avocats réitèrent leur soutien au mouvement populaire. L’Union nationale des Ordres des avocats (UNOA), réunie hier en son siège à la Cour suprême, a annoncé l’organisation d’une marche nationale à Alger le 24 octobre.

Dans sa déclaration sanctionnant les travaux de son conseil regroupant les bâtonniers du pays, l’UNOA a réaffirmé son «soutien» au mouvement populaire, comme stipulé dans les précédents communiqués rendus publics par l’organisation. Le conseil de l’UNOA a «unanimement» dénoncé «toute forme de dépassement et d’entrave à l’encontre de la liberté d’expression, de la liberté de manifester et de la liberté de circulation».

Il a ainsi condamné les arrestations opérées parmi les manifestants pacifiques. «Ces arrestations constituent une violation des droits et des libertés consacrés par la Constitution et les conventions ratifiées par l’Algérie», précise le conseil, exigeant la libération «immédiate et sans condition» de tous les détenus d’opinion.

L’Union n’a pas manqué de condamner «toutes les formes de violence et de dépassement» exercées lors de la marche des étudiants.

Les membres de l’organisation ont dénoncé les entraves rencontrées par les avocats lors de l’exercice de leur mission dans la défense de ces détenus, appelant les magistrats, en tant que «pouvoir indépendant», à «n’obéir qu’à la loi et à leur conscience dans leur traitement des affaires qui leur sont soumises».

Soutien aux collectifs de défense des détenus et marche nationale le 24 octobre : La colère des avocats







Nigeria/USA: Detained lawyer petitions NASS over murder charges

October 13, 2019

After 11 months detention in Kuje Prison over “false and fabricated murder and armed robbery charges,” a lawyer, Mr Emeka Ugwuonye, has petitioned the National Assembly for the role played by the police in his current ordeal.

In the petition written through Due Process Advocate International (DPA), dated October 9 and signed by Mr Kelvin Asekome, he said the police charged him with armed robbery and murder because he was at the verge of exposing a N5billion (annual revenue) of illegal prison racketeering and other illegal operations allegedly perpetrated by some police officers in Abuja.

DPA, founded by Ugwuonye, is an international human rights and humanitarian organisation registered under the law of State of Maryland, United States and Federal Republic of Nigeria

The petition reads in part: “On November 14, 2018, a police officer from the office of the Commissioner of Police, FCT Abuja Command, CP Bala Ciroma served on Barrister Emeka Ugwuonye (hereinafter “Emeka”) summons, charging him with armed robbery and murder, offences the police knew that Emeka could not have committed and absolutely did not commit.

He said: “The charges were purely an effort to use the prosecutorial power of the police to silence Emeka, who was in the process of exposing a 5 billion naira (annual revenue) of illegal prison racketeering and other illegal operations run by Mr Ciroma and some other police officers in Abuja alone.

“Upon serving Emeka with the summon, the police officer said to him: ‘You better go back to the US now’, Mr Ciroma expected Emeka to leave Nigeria upon being served with summons. Hence, he said they tried not to arrest Emeka for murder upon serving him with the court processes that charged him with murder and armed robbery. But as Emeka remained defiant and refused to leave Nigeria as expected by the police, he was arrested on November 26, 2018 on those charges.

Detained lawyer petitions NASS over murder charges



Police arraign disbarred lawyer for alleged fraud