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Pakistan/Day of the Endangered Lawyer: Lawyer Kashif Qanoondan abducted

October 13, 2019

Punjab Bar Council

The Punjab Bar Council strongly condemns the abduction of Ch. Kashif Qanoondan by the security agencies without any legal justification and commission of offence. This act of the security agencies is highly condemnable because the security agencies are present for the protection of public and not to cause terror and harassment to the public. The Punjab Bar Council demands the Govt and high officials of the security agencies to make sure that Ch. Kashif Qanoondan advocate be released forthwith otherwise lawyer’s community of Punjab will take their own course of action in next 24 hours..






Day of the Endangered Lawyer


Indonesia/Australia: Papua unrest: Social media bots ‘skewing the narrative’

October 11, 2019

Illustration of a robot holding up several masks

Indonesia’s Papua province has become the focus of a well-funded social media campaign using bots to promote a pro-government agenda, the BBC has found.

A long-running Papuan separatist movement has flared in recent months, sparking fresh calls for self-rule.

But with access to the region heavily restricted, social media has become a key source for the foreign press.

One expert told the BBC the apparently co-ordinated campaigns were seeking to skew international views of Papua.

Targeted abuse from bots

The Twitter bot networks revealed by the BBC investigation have actively targeted Indonesia human rights lawyer Veronica Koman.

She told the BBC: “Rape and death threats are now part of my daily life.”

Now based in Australia, she has been a major source on social media of photos and footage of protests and unrest, sharing information passed to her by contacts in Papua.

Ms Koman now stands accused by the government of spreading “false news” and “provoking unrest” by publishing reports about the racist attacks on Papua students in Java.

She faces charges under the controversial Electronic Information and Transactions law (ITE) that makes it illegal to spread “fake news”. If found guilty she could be jailed for six years.

Press and rights groups say this law suppresses free speech and is open to misuse.





The West Papua Uprising: A Call to Stand Up and Fight!

Nigeria: Nigerian lawyer hospitalised after police assault, NBA demands justice

October 13, 2019

FILE PHOTO: Photo of Nigerian Lawyers used to illustrate the story

A lawyer, Jerry Obasi, who was assaulted by police officers is now in the hospital, an official has said.

The Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) has also condemned the assault which the police leadership has vowed to investigate.

The assault reportedly took place on Awka Road, Onitsha, Anambra State, near the lawyer’s firm.

The video of the assault, which was posted on social media, has since gone viral.

In the video, seen by PREMIUM TIMES, armed police officers could be seen beating the lawyer who tried to talk to them.

Two policemen in uniforms were seen repeatedly physically assaulting Mr Obasi.

It was the intervention of other police officers that saved the lawyer from the beatings.

NBA condemns assault

In a statement by the spokesman of NBA, Kunle Edun, the association described the attack as unprovoked, undignified and degrading.

“The Nigerian Bar Association, has been informed by the Chairman of the Onitsha branch of the NBA, Mr. Ozoemena Erinne, of the unprovoked, undignified, degrading, shameful, disgusting and unprofessional conduct of officers of the Nigerian Police Force over the grievous assault inflicted on its member *Ogbonnanya Jacob Obasi Esq.,* in the afternoon of Friday, October 11th, 2019,” Mr Edun said.

Nigerian lawyer hospitalised after police assault, NBA demands justice

NBA Condemns The Assault Of O.J. Obasi Esq., By The Nigeria Police Force, Promises To Take Up The Matter

Police beat Anambra lawyer into a coma

Policemen beat lawyer for cautioning them against attacking resident

Police officer beats Onitsha based lawyer to unconsciousness

https://hausa.legit.ng/1265867-yan-sanda-sun-yiwa-wani-lauya-dukan-a-kawo-wuka-a-anambra-har-sai-da-ya-suma.html (HAUSA)

France: Réforme des retraites. Avocats, médecins et pilotes prêts à reprendre la grève le 3 février

le 11 octobre, 2019

Farouchement opposées au projet de retraite universelle par point, plusieurs professions menacent de faire grève le 3 février si Emmanuel Macron ne formule pas de propositions rassurantes d’ici là. Plusieurs milliers de ces professionnels avaient défilé le 16 septembre contre la réforme des retraites.

Quinze organisations des professions du droit, de la santé et du transport aérien, réunies au sein du « collectif SOS Retraites », ont annoncé vendredi 11 octobre une journée de grève le 3 février « si elles ne sont pas rassurées d’ici là » sur la réforme des retraites voulue par Emmanuel Macron.

Galvanisé par sa manifestation du 16 septembre – 20 000 participants revendiqués, moitié moins selon la police -, ce collectif créé fin août veut faire monter la pression sur l’exécutif.

Ses membres restent farouchement opposés au « régime universel » promis par le chef de l’État et censé remplacer les 42 caisses de retraite actuelles. Ils redoutent à la fois de payer plus de cotisations et de perdre leurs réserves financières.

Le gouvernement « s’obstine »

La relance d’une concertation sur le sujet depuis un mois n’a pas apaisé la situation : « Nous n’avons obtenu aucune garantie, le gouvernement s’obstine à rappeler son dogme et ne fait aucune proposition nouvelle », a déclaré Christiane Féral-Schuhl, présidente du Conseil national des barreaux, lors d’une conférence de presse.

« Nous avons donc décidé de nous arrêter ensemble le 3 février prochain », a-t-elle poursuivi, soulignant que « la dernière fois que c’est arrivé, c’était en 1968 ».