Mali/Ghana: Alleged Terrorist Kidnaps His Ghanaian Lawyer In Mali

September 30, 2019

Hardened Yemeni/Malian criminal, Mohammed Ould Ibrahim has kidnapped his lawyer, Isaac Eshun in Mali last week, this writer can confirm.

Popularly referred to as Omar, the alleged rapist, terrorist and scammer subjected his Ghanaian lawyer to human rights abuses of the most degrading order in Bamako.

The lawyer was in Mali last upon invitation by the suspected Yemeni/ Malian criminal, with the sole aim of putting to bed a protracted dispute between Omar on one side and the families of Yousef Jibril and Hassan Zein, a Ghanaian business mogul on the other side.

Narrating his ordeal to the media on arrival last Friday, Eshun, lawyer for Omar said his client compelled him under duress (At gun point) to speak evil against Mr Zein, while his client recorded him on video in his (Omar) office, where his heavily built thugs and some corrupt elements of the gendarmerie.

The lawyer indicated that his client dictated his (Eshun) confession aimed at blackmailing Mr Zein.

According to the emotionally traumatized lawyer, Omar masterminded the seizure of his passport few minutes on his arrival in Bamako.

He mentioned that he was later sent to the police for interrogation for committing no offense.

He pointed out that his ordeal attracted the attention of Ghana’s Embassy in Bamako, which forced its officials to intervene in the matter some Malian police officials referred to as order from above.

Alleged Yemeni ‘Rapist’ Reportedly Kidnaps His Ghanaian Lawyer In Mali

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