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India/USA: New York City Bar Association condemns attack on Lawyers Collective, and Rights Defenders in India

August 17, 2019

New York City Bar Association’s International Human Rights Committee has condemned the attack on Lawyers Collective and human right defenders in India

New York City Bar Association condemns attack on Lawyers Collective, and Rights Defenders in India      

The New York City Bar Association’s International Human Rights Committee and its Task Force has condemned the attack on Lawyers Collective and human right defenders in India

Issuing a statement on the Independence of Lawyers and Judges, the association voiced concern over “Indian government’s ongoing campaign of harassment and intimidation used to target lawyers and other human rights defenders, which has intensified over the last several years.”


Recent actions against Lawyers Collective and Anand Grover, Indira Jaising, demonstrate this trend. “Mr. Grover and Ms. Jaising are well-respected, senior advocates with extensive experience as public service lawyers and human rights defenders in India and abroad,” the statement says.

Together they established a prominent human rights and public interest organization, Lawyers Collective, which is based in New Delhi and maintains its registered office in Mumbai. Since at least 2016, the Indian government has used the Foreign Contributions Regulation Act (“FCRA”) to pursue Lawyers Collective, jeopardizing its required NGO-licensing and justifying punitive action so as to stymie Lawyers Collective’s work. “Domestic and international human rights groups have…highlighted the filing of criminal charges against Lawyers Collective and Mr. Grover as evidence that the FCRA is prone to misuse by the government to harass outspoken rights groups,” according to the statement.




New York City Bar Association dismayed over attack on Lawyers Collective









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Nigeria: Insecurity: We’re Under Threat Of Assassination, Kidnapping -Rivers Lawyers

August 16, 2019

The Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) has expressed dismay over the spate of attacks on lawyers in Rivers State from kidnappers and assassins.
The Chairman of NBA, Port Harcourt Branch, Barrister Sylvester Adaka, after an emergency meeting with executives of all the NBA branches in Rivers State, yesterday, told newsmen that the security situation is taking a toll on the legal profession despite efforts by the state government.
Adaka, while recalling the assassination of some lawyers like: Ken Atswethe, Frank Igwe, Anthony Wakamma, and others, appealed to security operatives to utilise the equipment provided for them to step up their search for the kidnapped lawyers.
The NBA chief threatened that lawyers have resolved to withdraw their services from all kidnap cases in all the courts in Rivers State if their abducted members are not released.
According to him, “The NBA has observed with dismay the kidnapping of Lawyers and their family members in Rivers state. Particularly, the recent kidnap of Iyke Emelogu on the 4th of August, 2019 at Unity Estate, Eneka, Obio Akpor Local Government Area and also recently the kidnap of Sunday Wonmo and Monima Peters, all members of the NBA Rivers State and a couple of others that we have not listed here.

Insecurity: We’re Under Threat Of Assassination, Kidnapping -Rivers Lawyers

Insecurity: NBA reveals best strategy against those killing Nigerians






Hong Kong: After prison, academic’s university hearing a ‘test case’

August 16, 2019


The release on bail from jail of a prominent pro-democracy scholar in Hong Kong this week could be a test case for dwindling academic freedom in Hong Kong as university disciplinary hearings loom, academics have said.

Benny Tai, a law professor at Hong Kong University or HKU, who was the co-founder of Occupy Central – the pro-democracy movement, also widely known as the Umbrella Movement, that brought Hong Kong to a standstill in 2014 – was released from jail on Thursday 15 August with bail conditions that include not being able to travel outside Hong Kong.

Tai was sentenced to 16 months in April this year, one of nine pro-democracy activists from the 2014 movement to be jailed. He has been freed pending an appeal hearing which is scheduled for February 2020.

His release comes amid escalating protests in Hong Kong, which began 10 weeks ago over a proposed bill to extradite criminals to mainland China.

Many are closely watching how Tai’s case will be now handled by the administration at HKU.

Terence Halliday, research professor at the American Bar Foundation – an interdisciplinary institute of advanced studies in Chicago – and an honorary professor at Australian National University, said Tai’s release was a “small window of hope in an increasingly dark situation”.



Hong Kong Police: Not Aware of Any Military Plans by China



https://hk.news.appledaily.com/local/daily/article/20190817/20750771 (CANTONESE)

Pakistan/Day of the Endangered Lawyer: Pride of Pakistan Saiful Malook

August 17,  2019

* To supplement Independence Day celebrations, the Daily Times will highlight, all of August, the individuals who continue to make Pakistan proud. Our 15th interview is with the award-winning and the internationally acclaimed lawyer Saiful Malook


Tell us about your foray into the field of law. How did it all begin for you?

I accidentally forayed into law. I had never thought that I would end up being a lawyer. All I wanted to do was to be free and lazing around. A friend of mine used to teach at Punjab Law College, Lahore. He was a senior judge and his name was Mian Nazeer Akhtar. I often visited him in the evenings and we hung out for a chit chat, etc. One day, he suggested I join the college he taught at since I wasn’t doing anything and I decided to give it a shot. The rest, as they say, is history.

When did you decide your area of interest?

I belonged to a feudal family and was already familiar with the thana culture, etc. Owing to my knowledge in this area, I decided to take up criminal law as it was my favourite. So, it began from there and my cases mainly have been in criminal law.

Tell us about some of the challenges that you faced when you were making your case for Asia Bibi? Were you confident that you would win?

A lifetime of threat is all I would say. I would be driving around and would spot a motorbike being ridden by two men, following me. My heart would jump and I would immediately take a turn and often times, the bike would coincidentally take the turn with me and I would be sure that they’re out to kill me. Such is the aftermath. Until lawyer and activist Asma Jahangir was alive, she would call me and ask jokingly if I were still alive. She was the one who had advised me to settle abroad after the case ended. You see, when I started working on the case, I was not that confident. I worked on it for four years; 2014 onwards. I worked on it day and night, the same way a scholar prepares for his/her PhD research papers. One has to read a plethora of books for information and knowledge and sometimes even that’s not enough. I remember the final argument which took place on October 8, 2018. It lasted for three hours. I had been praying for four years that Dear God, please let Asif Saeed Khan Khosa be part of the bench as he was one judge who understood criminal law the best in the entire subcontinent. Mian Saqib Nisar had expressed his desire to hear the case and I knew in my heart that he wasn’t fond of me. I also knew in my heart that he didn’t know the ABC of criminal law. It was a chilling and a challenging time as people were following and supporting Mumtaz Qadri like Ahmedis follow Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani or Shias follow Hazrat Imam Hussain. You know with full commitment. The day arrived when the list for the bench was released. It was a Friday. It comprised Saqib Nisar, Asif Khosa and Mazhar Alam Miankhel (a person whose existence did not really mean anything). I saw the list and thanked Allah. I thought if Asia Bibi was acquitted, we would look good in front of the world. Do you know the European Union had threatened us that if Asia would not be acquitted, aid amounting to 35 to 38 billion euros will not be given to us. After I had won the case, I remember returning from Paris to Amsterdam when a young girl came running towards me, asking if I were the lawyer who had dealt with Asia’s case. I said yes and she looked at me is if one would look at a hero.

Pride of Pakistan Saiful Malook




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Day of the Endangered Lawyer