Russia: Russian police make hundreds of arrests at Moscow protest

August 4, 2019

More than 800 detained in protest triggered by refusal to let opposition candidates stand in elections

Riot police in Moscow made mass arrests on Saturday in an attempt to quash a protest rally that had been banned by authorities.

The rally was the latest episode of a nascent protest movement, triggered by a refusal to let opposition candidates stand in Moscow parliamentary elections, which has led to the biggest political protests in Russia for years.

During the protest on Saturday afternoon, police detained about 828 people, according to the independent monitoring group OVD-info.

Police said they had detained 600 and that 1,500 had attended the protest. Activists said 10,000 had taken part.

The Russian capital was on lockdown as authorities closed off access to the central boulevard ring, where protesters wanted to march, blocked mobile internet reception in large parts of the capital and kept an eye on protesters from a helicopter overhead.

Lyubov Sobol, the only opposition politician who wanted to stand in September elections not currently in jail, was detained by police before she could even arrive at the protest.

Sobol, who is three weeks into a hunger strike in protest at the lack of access to the ballot, gingerly emerged from her campaign headquarters to get into a waiting taxi, but was pulled out by riot police, who dragged her to a waiting bus while she shouted out in protest. (RUSSIAN) (FRANCAIS) (FRANCAIS) (FRANCAIS) (ITALIANO) (ITALIANO) (ESPANOL) (PORTUGUES)


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