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Algeria: Journée de solidarité avec Me Dabouz et les détenus d’opinion

le 3 août, 2019


À l’initiative de plusieurs militants politiques et associatifs, une journée de solidarité avec l’avocat en grève de la faim Me Salah Dabouz et les détenus d’opinion aura lieu, aujourd’hui, au siège du MDS à Alger. Prévue de 12h à 20h, plusieurs associations, personnalités, militants, syndicalistes sont attendus au siège du MDS pour exprimer leur soutien et leur solidarité avec l’avocat et les détenus.


Journée de solidarité avec Me Dabouz et les détenus d’opinion

Une action de solidarité avec les détenus d’opinion prévue aujourd’hui au siège du MDS

24e Vendredi : les manifestants attaquent Gaid Salah, les élections et le Panel.

24e vendredi: toujours aucun signe d’apaisement

Entretien avec Maître Salah Dabouz : «Quand on a un pays à sauver, on ne fait pas de sieste»


Témoignage de Salah Dabouz sur Lakhdar Bouregâa : “Il tient le coup, mais…”




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Uganda: Museveni Condoles with Family of Slain Kisoro Lawyer Sendegyeya

August 2, 2019

President Museveni, in his expression of condolences, gave assurances that efforts to have the culprits face the law are on-going.

President Museveni meeting late Abiriga's family last year. Courtesy photo

President Yoweri Museveni has visited the family of murdered Kisoro Lawyer, late Isaac Sendegyeya in Mukingu village, Kisoro Municipality.

39 year-old Isaac Sendegyeya was shot dead on Sunday morning of 21st July 2019 at the door of his home by unknown assailants as he returned home. President Museveni, in his expression of condolences, gave assurances that efforts to have the culprits face the law are on-going.

“Sorry for your loss. We shall find those criminals and they will face the law,” he said. President Museveni who was briefed on the situation as it was on the ground by family members at the time of murder, advised people to install cameras to help in such circumstances.

Police have arrested some suspects and investigations by security agencies into the murder are progressing. The late Sendegyeya is survived by a widow and two children.




He is innocent! Law Society boss defends Kabuleta, attacks police for abusing Computer Misuse Act


The Philippines: Justice for Anthony, justice for all

August 3, 2019

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I’ve known Andrea Trinidad for a long time now, since her days as a reporter. We’ve become good friends. We call everyone in our barkada “kapatid.”

Hailing from Negros, she’s soft-spoken, confident, unassuming, and eager to serve. For instance, when she and one of her daughters faced blood-related disorders, she went beyond getting relief for themselves. Andrea helped form and lead a national advocacy group for hemophilia.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, could’ve given Andrea an inkling that she and her family would lose a brother to the unremitting bloodshed in the island they call home.

No one is safe from the Negros killing spree. Not even a respected family of professionals and public servants such as the Trinidads.

Shock and disbelief are written all over the statement of the Trinidad family, which Andrea posted on Facebook.


Relatives seek ‘true justice’ after probers tag 4 cops in lawyer’s slay

Palace denies Negros killing spree is state-sponsored: Malisyoso at walang basehan!

Duterte calls Karapatan an ‘organization of demons in the Philippines’

Duterte drug war cause for ‘concern’


Democracy Now | Environmentalists risk their lives to save the planet

Human rights organizations call for investigation over Philippines activist deaths

De Lima ‘Tweets’ Senate To Probe Lawyers’ Killings

US Government: “Duterte is clearly behind the Davao Death Squad”

Negros solons alarmed with killings, impunity in the island




Zimbabwe: Sikhala sues police for $3 million

August 2, 2019

MDC vice-chairman Job Sikhala, who was allegedly abducted from Harare Central Police Station after his arrest on charges of subverting a constitutionally-elected government, is now suing the police for acting unlawfully and unconstitutionally.

Sikhala, through his lawyers Koto and Company, has initiated a $3 million lawsuit against Home Affairs minister Cain Mathema, Police Commissioner-General
Godwin Matanga and Superintendent Daniel Joseph of Harare Law and Order section.

“We write to you at the instance of our client (Sikhala) hereby providing you with notice of intention to institute legal proceedings against yourself, within
60 days from date of this letter as defined in terms of section 5 of the State Liabilities Act,” Sikhala’s lawyers wrote.

The lawyers said after Prosecutor-General Kumbirai Hodzi had granted his consent to have Sikhala appear before a Harare court, the police abducted him and
locked his lawyers in police cells, thereby blocking them access to him.

“Despite the consent having been obtained, the police officers, including Superintendent Daniel Joseph, locked the team of lawyers who were in the company of our client, Tendai Biti and Innocent Gonese, inside cells of Harare Central (Police Station) and refused to give them access to our client, when Joseph dragged
and smuggled our client out of Harare Central Police Station,” the lawyers said.

Sikhala alleged in his letter that he suffered insults, dehumanising treatment and a sense of shock from the actions of the police while he was blindfolded and
suffering unbearable pain.


Sikhala Files Mega-Money Lawsuit Against Police

$3M Lawsuit For Sikhala’s Abduction & Torture