China: Wife of Jailed Chinese Rights Lawyer Says He Needs Medical Treatment

July 31, 2019

Li Wenzu, the wife of jailed Chinese rights attorney Wang Quanzhang, after she visited him for half an hour at Shandong's Linyi Prison and applied for his release on medical parole, July 30, 2019.

The wife of jailed Chinese rights attorney Wang Quanzhang has applied for his release on medical parole after visiting him for the second time in three years.

Wang’s wife Li Wenzu, the couple’s son Wang Guangwei and Wang’s sisterWang Quanxiu visited him for half an hour at Shandong’s Linyi Prison onTuesday.

But while Li had been hoping to see some improvement in her husband’sbefuddled and anxious mental state, his state of mind was pretty much the same as during her first visit one month earlier, she said.

“He told me that he’d seen the video I made [during Wang’s three-yearincommunicado detention] and the posts I’d written, and that they would give the outside world a bad impression of Linyi Prison,” Li told RFA.

“He repeatedly said that Linyi Prison had been good to him,” she said. “I told him that he would be free after he got out … but he said he would have to go and live in Jinan after he got out, because that’s where his household registration is.”

“He seemed pretty anxious throughout the whole meeting, and judgingfrom everything he said, I think the prison is definitely upping the pressure on him,” Li said. “I can tell from the fact that he told me not to go and visit him.”

Li said Wang had always been known for his clarity of thought and rigorous logic, but he seemed dazed and anxious now, which made her worry that he had been brainwashed. (FRANCAIS)




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