Israel/Ethiopa: Death threats made against lawyer for cop who shot and killed Ethiopian-Israeli

July 11, 2019

Yair Nadashi files police complaint after receiving text messages warning him that his ‘time is short’ and ‘Judgment Day is coming’

The attorney for a police officer who shot dead a Ethiopian-Israeli during a street altercation received threats Tuesday night warning him to repent since his time “is short.”

Several anonymous text messages sent to Yair Nadashi accused him of serving as an “attorney for a murderer. Your time is short. Repent. Judgment day is coming.”

Nadashi filed a complaint with police over the incident.

The off-duty police officer, whose name is barred from publication by a court order, shot to death 19-year-old Solomon Tekah in Haifa on June 30, setting off protests across the country against police brutality that have seen violence and destruction of property.

The officer claims he was trying to break up a street fight he came across but was set upon by three youths who hurled stones at him, endangering his life. He claims he then fired a warning shot at the ground, which investigators probing the incident believe ricocheted and hit Tekah.

‘Black, white, we’re all human’: A whole bunch protest police capturing of Ethiopian Israeli teen – Israel Information (FRANCAIS) (RUSSIAN)

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