Azerbaijan: Azerbaijani Bar starts disciplinary investigation against lawyer Elchin Sadigov

July 10, 2019

To the attention of all international organizations and human rights community!
This morning at around 15:30 I was summoned to the ABA by a call, being told that I should go there. Since there was not any pending administrative proceedings launched against me, I asked about the reasons, however was remained unanswered. I was at the ABA just in time. I was acted in an aggressive manner. Turned out that, there was a complaint filed against me. It was written by spouse of deceased Sardar Gasimov, who was a former member of Disciplinary Commission, namely Gasimova Kamala Elkhan gizi on June 28, 2019.

The last sentence of the complaint is as follows which hasn’t, most likely, been written by any other than a counselor: “…Therefore I ask you to take required measures in relation to counselor Elchin Sadigov, incriminating him within the law…”
Even though I told them that my facebook profile has not registered for my professional activities, but a personal one, moreover I’ve not use any humiliating expressions directed towards Sardar Gasimov, but shared my own opinions relying on my right to freedom of expression as a lawyer and a citizen, and only the domestic court is entitled to examine the defamation case, the decision on commencing administrative proceedings was issued.
Probably they think that I’ve criticized current situation on legal practice in our country while meeting with Donald Dusk, President of the EC and CoE Human Rights Commissioner Dunja Mijatovic. As well as it also proved that all the threats directed to me with respect to journalist Polad Aslanov, are real and have factual basis.

For your kind attention, my facebook status of June 28, 2019 stated only as follows:
“Just a few moments ago I put a comment in our group of bar members, however it was deleted. Then let me express my opinions as a citizen.
Sardar Gasimov was the member of ABA who investigated my case with respect to disciplinary proceedings launched against me upon the prosecuting authorities’ unabashed complaint referred to the ABA. I did not know him before the launched disciplinary proceedings against me (to my surprise he was well-known), .
At every our meeting he said “I know you were eavesdropped on”, and what is worse even though he confessed that lawyers should not be sanctioned for their activities, he also complained that since he was no one the hell there, he was obliged to suit the action to the word. In the end he presented a negative opinion on me without any justification, expressing that as if I had violated the legal ethics.
Azerbaijani people know inside out their wise, persistent, demanding counselors who raise the reputation of legal practice in Azerbaijan.
There are still the ones who write modern times’ history, most probably at least. Then ask them also to add that Sardar Gasimov was one of them who expressed negative opinions on me, moreover to suffix the sentence of “Oh world why you’re not going upside down?”
I asked my followers not to use any humiliating language when commenting”.

(Elchin Sadigov Facebook, 10/07/19)

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