Pakistan/Day of the Endangered Lawyer: Lawyers’ strike continues for sixth consecutive day

July 10, 2019


The justice system in lower courts in Rawalpindi has wreaked-havoc as the lawyers continued their strike for the sixth consecutive day.

The strike is being observed due to the non-registration of first information report (FIR) on a civil judge who hit and injured a lawyer with a paperweight during the course of a proceeding.

The lawyers also held rallies in judicial complex, old kutchery and on the roads to protest against the judge.

Lawyers’ groups throw weight behind Justice Isa

The litigants faced extreme difficulties as proceedings in 65 courts including sessions, civil and family courts were halted as the lawyers shut down the judicial complex’s main gate at 7.30am. The litigants had to helplessly turn back while the lawyers did not let the prisoners vans’ enter the complex’s boundary.

The High Court Bar has also announced support for the District Bar while the District Bar officials have said that the strike would continue until a case against the related civil judge was registered under the sections mentioned in the application.


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