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Pakistan/Day of the Endangered Lawyer: PBC gives call for countrywide strike on July 13

July 10, 2019

Pakistan Bar Council gives call for country wide strike on July 13

The Pakistan Bar Council has given a call for a countrywide strike on July 13 on the presidential reference against the judges, saying the presidential reference is an attempt to “subdue judges”.

The lawyers besides observing strike will attend the lawyers’ convention to be organized by the Peshawar High Court Bar.

The methodology of the judges’ appointment and amendment in Supreme Court rules will also come under discussion in the convention.

The PBC has said discussion at length will take place for making public pending hearing reference against the judges and the matter related to the proceedings regarding reference which has been disposed of so far.

The matter related to release of permanent funds for bar council and bar associations and disqualification and non-rejected judges issue will also come under discussion.



Pakistan Bar Council gives call for country-wide strike on July 13









Pakistan/Day of the Endangered Lawyer: Lawyers’ strike continues for sixth consecutive day

July 10, 2019


The justice system in lower courts in Rawalpindi has wreaked-havoc as the lawyers continued their strike for the sixth consecutive day.

The strike is being observed due to the non-registration of first information report (FIR) on a civil judge who hit and injured a lawyer with a paperweight during the course of a proceeding.

The lawyers also held rallies in judicial complex, old kutchery and on the roads to protest against the judge.

Lawyers’ groups throw weight behind Justice Isa

The litigants faced extreme difficulties as proceedings in 65 courts including sessions, civil and family courts were halted as the lawyers shut down the judicial complex’s main gate at 7.30am. The litigants had to helplessly turn back while the lawyers did not let the prisoners vans’ enter the complex’s boundary.

The High Court Bar has also announced support for the District Bar while the District Bar officials have said that the strike would continue until a case against the related civil judge was registered under the sections mentioned in the application.







Turkey: Gündem Selçuk Kozağaçlı: Yargılandığım davanın evrakları bana gösterilmiyor


“DHKP-C yöneticisi oldukları” iddiasıyla yargılanan 22 avukatın davası İstanbul 18. Ağır Ceza Mahkemesi’nde görüldü


Çağdaş Hukukçular Derneği (ÇHD) Genel Başkanı Selçuk Kozağaçlı’nın aralarında bulunduğu toplamda 22 avukat hakkında 2013 yılında “DHKP-C yöneticisi oldukları” iddialarıyla açılan davanın duruşması İstanbul 18. Ağır Ceza Mahkemesi’nde görüldü. Başka bir davadan tutuklu avukatlar Selçuk Kozağaçlı ile Ebru Timtik‘in hazır edildiği duruşmada, tutuksuz yargılanan bazı avukatlarda hazır bulundu. Selçuk Kozağaçlı, “Yangın güvenliği nedeniyle dava evraklarım bana gösterilmiyor. Hücremde ondan fazla kitap bulunduramıyorum. Dijital şekilde avukatlarımın dosyayı bana getirmesine izin verilmiyor” dedi.

Çok sayıda hukuk örgütünün hazır bulunduğu duruşmayı yurt dışından çok sayıda baroya üye avukat izledi.
Duruşmada ilk olarak savunma yapan Selçuk Kozağaçlı, son 5 yılda 5 ödül aldığını hatırlatarak, “Lawyers For Lawyers tarafından verilen ödülün bu akşam seromonisi yapılacak. Bu dayanışma için teşekkür ederim” dedi.


Daha sonra avukatlar söz alarak, dosyadaki eksik hususların tamamlanmasını istedi. Savcının da dosyada ki eksik hususların giderilmesini istemesi üzerine mahkeme heyeti, dosyada ki eksik hususların giderilmesi için süre talebini kabul ederek, duruşmayı 25 Aralık’a erteledi.








https://www.frontlinedefenders.org/en/case/selcuk-kozagacli-detained (ENGLISH)

https://ahvalnews.com/echr-turkey/turkey-comes-second-echr-violations (ENGLISH)

N.B.: The trial of 22 lawyers, including the chairman of the Association of Contemporary Lawyers (ÇHD) Selçuk Kozağaçlı, was held today at the Istanbul 18th High Criminal Court.  The matter was adjourned to December 25, 2019.

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The Philippines/ICC: Bad omen against Duterte

July 9, 2019

Filipino lawyer Jude Sabio. Photo: Reuters

JUST 10 months from Duterte’s presidency, I personally filed that first communication with the International Criminal Court (ICC) in April 2017.  At that time, he just had a fresh popular mandate. But we were undeterred.

Likewise, in February 2018, the ICC launched a preliminary examination in just four months before the end of Duterte’s second year. He retained then his mass appeal.

Mr. Duterte cannot take comfort in his latest Senate sweep. Even if politics is in his favor, the ICC case is not for politics, but for justice. As shown previously, the ICC will act for justice, notwithstanding  Duterte’s popularity which is irrelevant to justice.

In fact, again despite such popularity, the latest international call for a United Nation’s probe into Duterte’s war on drugs is becoming stronger. More than two dozen countries are now supporting a resolution calling for such probe.

While the resolution is aimed at the UN, especially the UN Human Rights Council, to do a probe, there has been, since February 2018, a preliminary examination in the ICC which is a prelude to a further investigation.

Expectedly, the resolution is not aimed at the ICC, presumably because as a court, the ICC is independent and should be free from political pressures.  A resolution, if aimed at the ICC, could end up as a weapon for critics falsely claiming that ICC is a tool of western powers.

However, it is unrealistic to completely divorce such call from the ongoing ICC preliminary examination. While the call is aimed at the UN, it indirectly sends a very strong signal to the ICC that a full-blown probe enjoys international backing.

Bad omen against Duterte






Algeria: Grève générale des avocats jeudi prochain

le 9 juillet, 2019

A l’issue de l’Assemblée Générale Extraordinaire de l’Union Nationale des Barreaux d’Algérie (UNBA) tenue samedi dernier à Béjaïa,  les avocats ont décidé de boycotter, le jeudi 11 juillet 2019, toutes les juridictions à travers le pays. Un débrayage qui sera appuyée par trois marches synchronisées au Centre, à l’Est et à l’Ouest.

Une action nationale pour exprimer la protestation des robes noires, particulièrement, contre les arrestations et les incarcérations de manifestants, les restrictions des libertés  d’expression ces dernières semaines, les pressions exercées sur les avocats lors de l’exercice de leur fonction…etc.

Les avocats ont dénoncé, dans leur déclaration finale, toutes les atteintes ou restriction de la liberté d’expression, de manifestation et de circulation et condamné toutes les arrestations et les détentions de manifestants, constituant selon eux « une violation caractérisée des droits et libertés ».

Se déclarant « disposée, dans le cas où elle est sollicitée », à déposer plainte contre « les dépassements dont ont fait l’objet les manifestants », l’UNBA a demandé « la libération de tous les détenus d’opinion et la constitution d’un collectif de défense pour les défendre et défendre également tous les participants aux marches pacifiques » incarcérés.

Les avocats ont également réclamé le respect du droit de présomption d’innocence, tout en condamnant les formes de pression et de poursuites dont font l’objet les avocats dans l’exercice de leurs fonctions. Les avocats envisagent d’adopter des des positions strictes à l’avenir.

Grève générale des avocats jeudi prochain


Libération des détenus d’opinion : grève et marches des avocats, jeudi 11 juillet




Pour dénoncer ce qu’il a qualifié “d’injustice” et “de déni de droit” : Me Salah Dabouz entame une grève de la faim illimitée



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Image may contain: Salah Dabouz, sitting and text

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China: Four Years on, China’s Crackdown Still Suppressing Human Rights Lawyers, Clients

July 9, 2019

Hunan human rights lawyer Xie Yang, who was detained in China's July 9, 2015 crackdown on rights lawyers and subjected to abuse including torture and deprivation of food and water, poses with his parents in an undated photo.

Four years after the ruling Chinese Communist Party launched anationwide crackdown on the country’s human rights lawyers, the country’s rights attorneys say they are now being prevented from practicing law at all.

Hunan lawyer Xie Yang, who was initially detained on July 11, 2015, then tortured while being held under “residential surveillance at a designated location” in a government guesthouse, said human rights are as essential to human existence as food and drink.

“Dignity and justice are what make us human,” Xie said. “[This is] not just [about] getting enough to eat.”

Xie, who was subjected to abuse including deprivation of food and water, and tortured again after being moved to the police-run Changsha No. 2 Detention Center following his formal arrest on Jan. 9, 2016, said the crackdown has largely achieved what the authorities set out to do.

“The terror campaign waged against rights lawyers was clearly prettyeffective, because now the majority of of [human rights] cases can’t find an appropriate lawyer to represent them,” he said.

“The vast majority of lawyers have been controlled via the system of annual license renewals and other methods.”







4th Anniversary of the ‘709 Crackdown’



Fourth Anniversary of the 709





Situation Still Dire for Rights Lawyers Four Years On



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 判決結案:4名監獄服刑:①周世鋒律師 ②胡石根 ③吳淦 ④王全璋律師;3名緩刑:①李和平律師 ②勾洪國(戈平)③翟岩民;7名刑滿釋放:①劉星(老道)②張衛紅(張皖荷)③姚建清 ④李燕軍 ⑤王芳 ⑥尹旭安 ⑦江天勇律師;1名免於刑事處罰:①謝陽律師

 取保候審解除:
12名律師:①王秋實 ②黃力群 ③隋牧青 ④謝遠東 ⑤李姝雲 ⑥王宇 ⑦包龍軍 ⑧任全牛 ⑨劉四新 ⑩李春富 ⑪謝燕益 ⑫張凱;4名律師助理:①劉鵬 ②方縣桂 ③高月 ④趙威(考拉);1名律所人員:①王芳;4名維權人士:①劉永平(老木)②林斌(望雲和尚)③唐志順 ④幸清賢;5名教會人士: ①嚴曉潔 ②黃益梓 ③張崇助 ④張制 ⑤程從平

限制出境 :46人(31/15)



(China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group / 中國維權律師關注組 Facebook, 11/07/19)