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The Philippines: Human rights lawyer decries communist tag

June 27, 2019

HUMAN rights activist and lawyer Beverly Musni said a malicious streamer tagging her and several other persons as members of the New People’s Army (NPA) regional unit committee has been placed outside her house in Apovel subdivision.

Musni called the incident an attack on their security and violated the sanctity of their home. Musni, whose daughters are also lawyers, said this could be a prelude to physical attack against them.

The Musni family is known for representing incarcerated leaders of progressive organizations in court.

“This has never happened before that my property has been attacked. (We are already) Vilified nami before, apil nami sa (we were included in the) order of battle dating back 2009, never gyud nga naa mismo (it happened) in my home,” she said.

“If this can be done to house where three lawyers live, what more those nga naa sa (in the) countryside, urban areas, ingana kasayon maviolate ang (that’s how easy to violate the) sanctity of the abode (nowadays),” she added.

Musni recounted that on Wednesday night, their house helper noticed a man pointing a flashlight to their home. It was only the day after when they noticed the streamer placed in front of their house.

Musni believe that their being human rights lawyers is what made them victims of red-tagging.



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China: Chinese human rights lawyer Wang Quanzhang ‘is a changed man’, says wife after first meeting in four years

June 28, 2019

Li Wenzu and Wang Guangwei, the wife and son of jailed lawyer Wang Quanzhang, outside the prison in Shandong with his sister Wang Quanxiu (right). Photo: Handout

The wife and son of the Chinese human rights lawyer Wang Quanzhang were finally allowed to see him on Friday – for the first time since he was detained four years ago under a sweeping crackdown.

Li Wenzu, who was finally allowed into the prison’s reception area at 2pm, walked out an hour later in tears, although their six-year-old son Wang Guangwei rejoiced in the fact that he had finally seen his father after a four-year separation.

“He is a totally changed man … he was so agitated and anxious that I couldn’t even talk to him just then,” Li said.

“His head was clean-shaven, he had lost about 30 pounds (13.5kg), his skin was darkened and his memory was hazy. He had a list of written things to tell us, saying he had been treated well, but he couldn’t even recall what he had for lunch today,” she added.

Wang was among hundreds of human rights lawyers and legal activists rounded up by Beijing during the so-called 709 crackdown in 2015 – the event took its name from the date on which it started, July 9 – and was the last of them to be tried.






Jailed China rights lawyer Wang Quanzhang allowed to see wife after four years



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(China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group / 中國維權律師關注組 Facebook, 28/06/19)

China: Lawyer Liu Xiaoyuan’s Statement Regarding the Revocation of His License

June 26, 2019

After months of appealing, complaining, and calling to resume practice, on June 23, lawyer Liu Xiaoyuan received “Beijing Bureau of Justice’s Decision to Cancel Lawyer Liu Xiaoyuan’s License.” For the past four years he had not been able to practice because Fengrui Law Firm (锋锐律师事务所), of which he was a partner, was at the center of the 709 crackdown on human rights lawyers, even though he himself wasn’t implicated. The “Decision” was dated June 14.

“This year marks the 40th anniversary of China restoring lawyers in its judicial system,” Liu Xiaoyuan tweeted. “The Beijing Justice Bureau finally kicked me out of the ranks of lawyers. Eight years ago in 2011, the Beijing Justice Bureau had wanted to eradicate me. I had been disappeared by police, and when I returned, the Bureau denied me annual review pass for two years. Later I was forced to cancel Qijian Law Firm (旗舰律师事务所) in exchange for keeping my practice in Beijing. I practiced at Fengsui Law Firm. Little did I know that the situation for lawyers would only get worse.”

China Change documented lawyer Liu Xiaoyuan’s arduous effort trying to resume practice in recent months.

Yesterday, he issued the following statement:

Lawyer Liu Xiaoyuan’s Statement Regarding the Revocation of His License

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