Macau: Trial against assailants of lawyer Jorge Menezes held today

June 3, 2019

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On Monday, the Court of First Instance (TJB) held the first session of the trial against two Chinese men accused of attacking lawyer Jorge Menezes, six years after the attack took place.

According to court documents to which MNA had access, charges for assault with intent to cause serious injury were put forward against two Chinese nationals, a 29-year-old man, surnamed Feng and a 45-year-old, surnamed Yan.

None of the defendants was present in court today, and both did not present any written statements to be read in the session, with Mr. Menezes expressing after the session that he believed the Public Prosecutions Office (MP) did not make the necessary effort to assure the men could be present, or to assess who was behind the attack.

A daylight attack

According to case documents, the assault took place at 9:00am on May 16, 2013, when Mr. Menezes left his residence in Avenida do Infante D. Henrique to take his son – at the time five years of age – to the Jose Costa Nunes kindergarten.

Mr. Menezes stated that in Praca da Amizade, near the Macau Portuguese School (EPM), the defendant surnamed Yan attacked him from the back with a violent hit to the back of his head.

The man was said to have tied a 23.5 cm long brick in his fist ‘like a boxing glove’ with the purpose to inflict more damage, with the force of the blow said to have been such that it broke the brick in two pieces, one having fallen on the sidewalk and the other still remaining in the assailant’s hand.

The lawyer stated that he almost fell on the ground after the hit, with his head, face and chest becoming covered in blood. When he turned to the assailant, he was attacked two to three more times, managing to fend off the attacks with his right arm.

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