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Pakistan: Pakistan Bar Council announces nationwide strike on July 2

June 30, 2019

The Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) on Sunday announced that the legal fraternity will observe a nationwide strike on July 2 in protest against the filing of referencec against senior Supreme Court (SC) judge, Justice Qazi Faez Isa, and the Sindh High Court’s Justice K K Agha.

The decision was conveyed by PBC Vice Chairman Syed Amjad Shah. He said lawyers across the country would hold protest meetings in their bar rooms, while lawyers’ representatives would assemble at the Supreme Court premises in Islamabad.

Shah said a meeting of the joint action committee would also be convened at the PBC office at the SC Islamabad building on the same day.

Defiant lawyers burn copies of references during protest outside SC

On June 14, lawyers from bar councils across the country staged a protest outside the SC and burned copies of the references filed against Justice Isa and Justice Agha over non-disclosure of foreign properties in their wealth statements.

Wearing black bands in solidarity with the accused judges, the Supreme Court Bar Council (SCBA) led the protest.

Lawyers to take to streets tomorrow


India: PIL in Supreme Court seeks uniform Security Measures in all Courts

June 29, 2019

Citizens have the right to adequate security in courts across the country, states a petition filed in the Supreme Court seeking uniform guidelines for security measures in all courts.

The petition filed by advocate Kirti Ahuja says that the plea has been made in furtherance of the right to life and safe environment guaranteed to the citizens under Article 21 of the Constitution of India. The issue requires immediate intervention of the Supreme Court, the petitioner has submitted.

“The adjudication in this Petition is concerned with the protection of life and liberty of people and property. This is a public interest petition seeking arrangement and enhancement of security measures in the district trial courts as well as in High Courts of the country.”

Besides prayer for uniform guidelines for the security measures in courts, the petitioner has also sought directions to the Centre and States to implement those guidelines. The guidelines are sought to be issued after seeking a report from the authorities on the prevalent security arrangements in District, Taluka and High Courts.

To paint a picture of the existing conditions of security measures in courts across the country, Ahuja has detailed twenty-three instances of attacks that took place in various District and High Courts in the last ten years, the latest incident being the murder of UP Bar Council’s first woman President, Darvesh Yadav. The other incidents of attacks have been against advocates, policemen, undertrial prisoners, accused persons, witnesses, and others visiting the Courts.

Violent incidents and attacks in Court premises have instilled a sense of fear among advocates, the petition avers, adding that such incidents abrogate the right to life and security of the people coming to Courts.

PIL in Supreme Court seeks uniform security measures in all Courts (HINDI) (HINDI)

The Philippines: Human rights lawyer decries communist tag

June 27, 2019

HUMAN rights activist and lawyer Beverly Musni said a malicious streamer tagging her and several other persons as members of the New People’s Army (NPA) regional unit committee has been placed outside her house in Apovel subdivision.

Musni called the incident an attack on their security and violated the sanctity of their home. Musni, whose daughters are also lawyers, said this could be a prelude to physical attack against them.

The Musni family is known for representing incarcerated leaders of progressive organizations in court.

“This has never happened before that my property has been attacked. (We are already) Vilified nami before, apil nami sa (we were included in the) order of battle dating back 2009, never gyud nga naa mismo (it happened) in my home,” she said.

“If this can be done to house where three lawyers live, what more those nga naa sa (in the) countryside, urban areas, ingana kasayon maviolate ang (that’s how easy to violate the) sanctity of the abode (nowadays),” she added.

Musni recounted that on Wednesday night, their house helper noticed a man pointing a flashlight to their home. It was only the day after when they noticed the streamer placed in front of their house.

Musni believe that their being human rights lawyers is what made them victims of red-tagging.

HR lawyers denounce red-tagging

Military generals snub hearing on rights lawyers’ plea for protection


Karapatan decries more incidents of red-tagging against their members

Philippines: failure to investigate killings demands UN action

ICJ denounces reprisals against UN independent experts

China: Chinese human rights lawyer Wang Quanzhang ‘is a changed man’, says wife after first meeting in four years

June 28, 2019

Li Wenzu and Wang Guangwei, the wife and son of jailed lawyer Wang Quanzhang, outside the prison in Shandong with his sister Wang Quanxiu (right). Photo: Handout

The wife and son of the Chinese human rights lawyer Wang Quanzhang were finally allowed to see him on Friday – for the first time since he was detained four years ago under a sweeping crackdown.

Li Wenzu, who was finally allowed into the prison’s reception area at 2pm, walked out an hour later in tears, although their six-year-old son Wang Guangwei rejoiced in the fact that he had finally seen his father after a four-year separation.

“He is a totally changed man … he was so agitated and anxious that I couldn’t even talk to him just then,” Li said.

“His head was clean-shaven, he had lost about 30 pounds (13.5kg), his skin was darkened and his memory was hazy. He had a list of written things to tell us, saying he had been treated well, but he couldn’t even recall what he had for lunch today,” she added.

Wang was among hundreds of human rights lawyers and legal activists rounded up by Beijing during the so-called 709 crackdown in 2015 – the event took its name from the date on which it started, July 9 – and was the last of them to be tried.

Jailed China rights lawyer Wang Quanzhang allowed to see wife after four years (CANTONESE) (CANTONESE) (CHINESE) (FRANCAIS) (ESPANOL)




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(China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group / 中國維權律師關注組 Facebook, 28/06/19)

China: Lawyer Liu Xiaoyuan’s Statement Regarding the Revocation of His License

June 26, 2019

After months of appealing, complaining, and calling to resume practice, on June 23, lawyer Liu Xiaoyuan received “Beijing Bureau of Justice’s Decision to Cancel Lawyer Liu Xiaoyuan’s License.” For the past four years he had not been able to practice because Fengrui Law Firm (锋锐律师事务所), of which he was a partner, was at the center of the 709 crackdown on human rights lawyers, even though he himself wasn’t implicated. The “Decision” was dated June 14.

“This year marks the 40th anniversary of China restoring lawyers in its judicial system,” Liu Xiaoyuan tweeted. “The Beijing Justice Bureau finally kicked me out of the ranks of lawyers. Eight years ago in 2011, the Beijing Justice Bureau had wanted to eradicate me. I had been disappeared by police, and when I returned, the Bureau denied me annual review pass for two years. Later I was forced to cancel Qijian Law Firm (旗舰律师事务所) in exchange for keeping my practice in Beijing. I practiced at Fengsui Law Firm. Little did I know that the situation for lawyers would only get worse.”

China Change documented lawyer Liu Xiaoyuan’s arduous effort trying to resume practice in recent months.

Yesterday, he issued the following statement:

Lawyer Liu Xiaoyuan’s Statement Regarding the Revocation of His License

Lawyer Jiang Tianyong Freed From Prison but Not Free, Health Deteriorating

The Philippines: Kidnapping charges vs rights lawyer junked

June 27, 2019

The Sagay City prosecutor dismissed for lack of probable cause the kidnapping and serious illegal detention charges filed against Katherine Panguban, lawyer of one of the witnesses in Sagay 9 massacre.

In a resolution dated June 17, Assistant State Prosecutor Ferdinand Fernandez said there “no kidnapping to speak of” as Lester, the alleged victim, voluntarily went with his mother.

The prosecutor noted that a turnover agreement was signed Oct. 25, 2018 by all parties concerned in the presence of social welfare officers.

Lester’s father Vic Pedaso filed the case against Panguban. Pedaso also did not attend the scheduled hearing despite due notice.

Panguban welcomed the resolution.

“I am thankful to our brave clients ‘ Lester’ and his mother. It is through their resolve to stand up for truth and justice that this was made possible,” Panguban told Bulatlat.

The young lawyer said the “quest for justice does not end here.”

Kidnapping charges vs rights lawyer junked

NUPL lawyer seeks dismissal of case for kidnap of 14-year-old massacre survivor

DOJ drops kidnapping case vs human-rights lawyer

DOJ dismisses kidnapping raps vs NUPL lawyer

Cameroon/France: Calixthe Beyala veut faire sanctionner l’avocate française Dominique Fousse

le 26 juin, 2019

La romancière reproche à la juriste le fait d’avoir commenté sur les réseaux sociaux l’action judiciaire qu’elle vient d’intenter au Cameroun contre la fondatrice du complexe scolaire Le Paradis des anges. L’écrivain de renom a décidé de saisir le bâtonnier de l’Ordre des avocats du Cameroun « avant d’y donner une suite judiciaire ».

Calixthe Beyala en colère contre une avocate. La romancière en veut à Me Dominique Fousse. Elle lui reproche le fait d’avoir donné sur Facebook le 25 juin 2019 des détails sur l’action qu’elle vient d’intenter devant la justice camerounaise contre dame Mispa Ngo Hega. Dans le post de protestation publié sur le même réseau social mardi, la romancière s’étonne sans la citer de ce que la juriste française ait entrepris de parler de « son » affaire sur Facebook. Cela dit, elle annonce la riposte.

« Je vais saisir le bâtonnier de l’ordre des avocats par respect pour cette profession avant d’y donner une suite judiciaire. Tout mon combat et je sais que je ne suis pas parfaite, a un seul objectif : faire bouger les lignes dans le bon sens pour que la société se porte mieux dans l’intérêt de tous ».

Dans son post intitulé « à moi les enfants de la veuve », Me Dominique Fousse qui serait avocate de l’accusée rapportait que « l’ écrivaine Calixte Beyala a voulu faire arrêter Mispa Ngo Hega ce matin (mardi 25 juin 2019) ». Elle poursuivait sa narration en ces termes : « En effet un mandat d amener a été décerné contre la directrice de l école paradis des anges alors qu’elle n avait pas été convoquée préalablement. Ce mandat d amener est signé du Procureur de la République du Tribunal de Première instance de Yaoundé Centre administratif. Elle s est dirigée vers la police judiciaire de Douala ou elle a commencé d’être entendue. Elle doit se rendre à Yaoundé demain pour y poursuivre son audition a la Dpj. La décision du tribunal de Paris a eu le mérite d énerver notre illustre écrivaine qui entend se venger et faire intervenir ces amitiés agissantes. On ne peut laisser violer les libertés individuelles de cette façon. On a froid dans le dos .Où va- t- on?? Une justice instrumentalisée et au service ».

Cameroun: Calixthe Beyala veut faire sanctionner l’avocate Dominique Fousse

Michelle Ndoki

India: Three masked men attack Bijnor lawyer with iron rod

June 27, 2019


Three masked men allegedly attacked a 36-year-old lawyer with iron rods on Wednesday.

The incident happened when the lawyer was going from Bijnor from Mandawar.  The lawyer had registered an FIR against the three men…

Turkey: Four More Lawyers from People’s Law Bureau Arrested

June 25, 2019

Attorneys Ebru Timtik, Ayşegül Çağatay, Görkem Ağdede, and Nadide Özdemir have been arrested after beign taken into custody on June 20.

The attorneys from the Contemporary Lawyers’ Association (ÇHD) and the People’s Law Bureau (HHB) and three other people who were detained on June 20 were brought to the İstanbul Courthouse this morning (June 25).

Attorney Timtik, who was sentenced to 13 years and 6 months in prison for “membership of a terrorist organization,” has been arrested and sent to jail.

CLICK – 18 Lawyers Sentenced to Prison for 159 Years, 1 Month, 30 Days in Total

Today, Timtik also gave a statement in another lawsuit that was filed against her for the same offense.

“There is already an unlawful verdict on me by the İstanbul 37th Heavy Penal Court but the judiciary, not abiding by its own verdicts, has opened a repeating investigation,” Timtik remarked.

Factsheet on Turkey’s state of emergency dismissals

Report on criminal liabilities with regard to torture incident took place in Ankara Police Headquarters between 20 and 31 May 2019.

Four woman lawyers have been arrested in Istanbul (TURKCE) (TURKCE) (DEUTSCH)

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(L’Observatoire des Avocats Facebook, 20/06/19)

Sudan: Must Read: ABA ROLI Partner, Abdelrahman Al Gasim, Delivers Statement on the Human Rights Situation in Sudan to the African Commission

June 3, 2019

Lawyers, journalists, and human rights defenders in Sudan have faced arbitrary detention, torture, and death by Sudanese military and security forces for decades. These military and security forces are often shielded from prosecution. On April 11, 2019, after almost 5 months of civilian-led protests against the regime, the Bashir government was overthrown. 

Following this, ABA ROLI supported two members of the Darfur Bar Association to attend the 64th Ordinary Session of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (ACHPR) where they delivered a statement on the current human rights situation in Sudan. In short, the statement calls upon the ACHPR to support the demands of the Sudanese people of the government, to investigate the widespread human rights violations (particularly in Darfur, Nuba Mountains, and Blue Nile States), and to support the release of persons detained by the former regime. 

The statement was delivered by Abdelrahman Al Gasim, who received the ABA International Human Rights Award in 2018. 

Joint Oral Intervention Presented by Mr. Abdelrahman Al Gasim on behalf of Al-Khatim Adlan Centre for Enlightenment, Darfur Bar Association, and Darfur Relief and Documentation Center

ACHPR 64th Ordinary Session April 24 – May 14, 2019, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt (FRANCAIS)

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(L’Observatoire des Avocats Facebook, 22/06/19)

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