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China: Activists targeted in crackdown ahead of Tiananmen Square anniversary

May 28, 2019

The Chinese authorities must end a wave of persecution targeting those seeking to commemorate the victims of the 1989 Tiananmen crackdown, Amnesty International said today ahead of the 30th anniversary of the bloodshed.

In recent weeks, police have detained, placed under house arrest or threatened dozens of activists and relatives of those killed seeking to mark the June 4 anniversary.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of unarmed protesters and civilians were killed when soldiers opened fire in and around Beijing’s Tiananmen Square on 3 and 4 June 1989, as the authorities sought to crush widespread protests calling for political reform.

Censorship of Tiananmen crackdown

Any references to the Tiananmen crackdown continues to be systematically censored in China. Anyone who seeks to commemorate the victims does so at great personal risk, and is likely to be harassed or detained.

The suppression of those seeking to publicly mark the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen crackdown is the latest in a wider assault against activists in China. Under President Xi’s rule, the Chinese authorities have decimated the ranks of human rights lawyers and activists calling for political and legal reforms. The relentless crackdown has been marked by arbitrary arrests, incommunicado detentions, torture and other ill-treatment.











Egypt: تجديد حبس هيثم محمدين وآخر 15 يوماً بتهمة مشاركة جماعة إرهابية


تجديد حبس هيثم محمدين وآخر 15 يوماً بتهمة مشاركة جماعة إرهابية

جددت نيابة أمن الدولة العليا، حبس هيثم محمدين ومصطفى ماهر، 15 يوما احتياطيا علي ذمة التحقيقات التي تجرى معهما بمعرفة النيابة لاتهامهما بمشاركة جماعة إرهابية مؤسسة على خلاف أحكام القانون، واستخدام مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي لنشر أخبار كاذبة.

ووجهت النيابة للمتهمين في القضية 741 لسنة 2019 حصر أمن الدولة، ارتكاب جرائم مشاركة جماعة إرهابية في تحقيق أهدافها وتلقى تمويل بغرض إرهابى، والاشتراك في اتفاق جنائي الغرض منه ارتكاب جريمة إرهابية، وتلقى تمويل والاشتراك فى اتفاق جنائي، والتجمهر واستخدام حسابات خاصة علي شبكة المعلومات الدولية بهدف ارتكاب جريمة معاقب عليها في القانون بهدف الإخلال بالنظام العام.


https://www.anhri.info/?p=8398&lang=en (ENGLISH)

https://lawyersforlawyers.org/en/lawyers/haytham-mohamadeen/ (ENGLISH)

https://www.frontlinedefenders.org/en/case/detention-and-prosecution-haytham-mohamadeen (ENGLISH)

N.B.: The detention of labour lawyer Haytham Mohamadeen has been renewed for yet another 15 days.




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Bangladesh: Imam held over female lawyer murder in Moulvibazar

May 27, 2019


The diseased was identified as Abida Sultana, wife of Shariful Islam, and a member of District Ainjibi Shamity

Police arrested the imam of a local mosque yesterday as a female lawyer was found dead at Madhabgul village in Barlekha upazila of the district.

The diseased was identified as Abida Sultana, wife of Shariful Islam, and a member of District Ainjibi Shamity.

Quoting family members, Yasinul Haque, officer-in-charge of Barlekha police station, said Abida used to live in the district town since her marriage and often visited her village home.

On Sunday, Abida went to her village home at Madhabgul and her phone was found switched off since 4 pm on the day.

Worried, her family members rushed to the village and found one of room of the house locked.

Sensing something wrong, they called in police who broke into the room and recovered Abida’s body around 3 am.

The body that bore several injury marks was sent to local hospital morgue for autopsy.

Meanwhile, police arrested Tanvir Ahmed, imam of the local mosque, and also a tenant of the house, from Baruna in Srimangal upazila, at noon, for his suspected involvement in the incident, said Abdu Salek, officer-in-charge of Srimangal police station.

Members of District Ainjibi Samity staged demonstrations demanding punishment of those responsible for the murder.

They also brought out a procession on the court premises to press home their demand.









Zimbabwe: Authorities escalate attack on human rights defenders

May 27, 2019

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Zimbabwean authorities have this afternoon arrested two more human rights defenders at the Harare airport in a mounting onslaught on the rights to freedom of expression and association, Amnesty International said today.

The two, Stabile Dewah (35) and Rita Nyamupinga (61), bring to seven the number of human rights defenders arrested at Robert Mugabe International Airport in the past seven days as they returned from a capacity-building workshop on non-violent protest tactics in the Maldives.

“The first five human rights defenders arrested are facing trumped up charges for exercising their human rights. They should be released immediately and unconditionally. The charges against them fit into a much wider pattern of repression we have documented in Zimbabwe,” said Muleya Mwananyanda, Amnesty International’s Deputy Director for Southern Africa.

The first batch of activists – George Makoni, Tatenda Mombeyarara, Gamuchirai Mukura, Nyasha Mpahlo and Farirai Gumbonzvanda – have been accused of “plotting to overthrow President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government”. The two activists arrested today are also likely to be charged with subverting a constitutional government.

“Since January’s protests we have witnessed a mounting crackdown on human rights defenders and activists. Lawyers, journalists and even medical doctors have not been spared. Zimbabwe’s authorities have declared anyone who exercises their right to freedom expression and association an enemy of the state. This witch-hunt must stop,” said Muleya Mwananyanda.




Human Rights Defenders Charged with Plotting to Overthrow Mnangagwa’s Govt as Authorities Target More Citizens


Iran/France: Me Nasrin Sotoudeh membre d’honneur du barreau de Lyon

le 27 mai, 2019

Me Nasrin Sotoudeh membre d'honneur du barreau de Lyon

Les avocats de Lyon et de France se mobilisent pour l’avocate iranienne du barreau de Téhéran Me Nasrin Sotoudeh condamnée dans son pays à 33 ans d’emprisonnement et 148 coups de fouet le 8 mars dernier.

Cette jeune femme figure du combat en faveur des droits fondamentaux dans son pays, est accusée par les autorités iraniennes de s’être opposée publiquement au port obligatoire du voile et d’avoir pris la défense dans la presse de l’une de ses clientes qui avait publiquement enlevé son voile.

Le barreau de Lyon, son bâtonnier en exercice Me Farid Hamel et son bâtonnier élu Serge Deygas ont ainsi nommé Me Nasrin Sotoudeh membre d’honneur du barreau de Lyon.

Quant au conseil de l’Ordre des avocats lyonnais, il soutient à l’unanimité la motion du Conseil National des Barreaux (CNB), présidé par Me Christiane Féral-Schuhl. Motion appelant à la libération immédiate de Nasrin Sotoudeh.





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