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Algeria: Me Salah Dabouz vient d’être relâché

le 17 mai, 2019

Salah Dabouz relâché

Nous venons d’apprendre il y a quelques minutes que Me Salah Dabouz arrêté en milieu d’après midi à la Grande Poste, a été relâché par les services de sécurité.

Grand soulagement de sa famille qui l’avait cherché au sein de plusieurs commissariats et des militants des droits de l’homme qui ont lancé l’alerte de son arrestation et sa disparition.



Le maire de Chemini et les militants, détenus au commissariat de Sidi Abdellah, libéréss



Après le maire de Chemini, l’avocat Salah Dabouz, agressé et mené vers une destination inconnue


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The Philippines: 2 lawyers shot dead in Pangasinan, Rizal

May 18, 2019

Two lawyers were gunned down in Pangasinan and Rizal yesterday.

Lt. Col. Jandale Sulit, Dagupan City police chief, said Val Crisostomo, a legal counsel of Peryahan ng Bayan in Pangasinan, had just attended a court hearing when the gunman, who was wearing a black jacket and blue helmet, opened fire in front of the justice hall in Barangay Bonuan Guest.

The assailant fled on a motorcycle driven by his cohort toward Barangay Bonuan Binloc.

Crisostomo was declared dead on arrival at the Region 1 Medical Center.

“We have no motive yet because aside from being the lawyer of Peryahan ng Bayan, the victim was also handling several cases, including illegal drugs,” Brig. Gen. Joel Orduña, Ilocos police director, said.

Bernard Vitriolo, Globaltech Mobile Online Corp. legal head, said Crisostomo was in charge of the cases filed against National Bureau of Investigation agents who raided Peryahan ng Bayan games in Pangasinan.

In Rizal, Edilberto Golla Jr. was shot dead by motorcycle-riding men in front of his house in Barangay San Isidro, Rodriguez. He died at the scene.

Police said the victim was leaving his residence in his sport utility vehicle when he was shot.



Lawyer shot dead in Rizal

Peryahan ng Bayan lawyer killed

Lawyer dies in Rizal ambush


Task groups formed to probe killing of lawyers






USA: Harvard’s Decision to Buckle to Illiberal Mob Spells Doom For Higher Education

May 17, 2019

Harvard’s Decision to Buckle to Illiberal Mob Spells Doom For Higher Education

The rabid mobs of politically correct indignation have struck again, and a Harvard professor is their latest victim. On May 12, Harvard firedProfessor Ronald Sullivan Jr. and his wife from their positions as faculty dean of the Winthrop House, one of Harvard’s 12 undergraduate dorms. Professor Sullivan sparked student outrage when he agreed to represent the infamous Harvey Weinstein, and now, it seems administrators have caved.

This is a disgrace. Sullivan is the latest victim of a foolish attempt to avenge victims by destroying the very processes that protect us all. Everyone—the accused and the accuser alike—is entitled to legal representation. It’s deeply concerning that this fundamental truth escapes some at America’s most illustrious educational institutions and is increasingly uprooted by brash bullying, unchallenged accusations, and plain dishonesty.

When Professor Sullivan first announced he was defending Harvey Weinstein in February, all hell broke loose. Fifty students demanded his resignation, a petition was circulated against him, and the Association of Black Harvard Women said he “failed them.”

In the eyes of the campus mob, Sullivan was no longer an individual, but a rogue soldier in the war of wokeness. Not falling in lockstep is a grievous sin in the church of identity politics.

Not only are Sullivan’s opponents attacking his individuality, they’re falsely labeling him dangerous too. An op-ed in the Harvard Crimson states that Sullivan’s presence is “a daily reminder” of Weinstein’s case, and therefore disrupts the safety of victims. The same piece claims, however, that merely hearing about sexual assault in the news is similarly dangerous.



Watching Harvard, My Alma Mater, Surrender to the Mob: Kaveh Shahrooz in Quillette


Harvard Fires First Black Dean For Being Harvey Weinstein’s Lawyer



Ronald Sullivan & Harvard Law: Dean’s Removal Is a Blow for Liberty




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