China: Rights Lawyer Who Criticized President Xi’s Indefinite Rule Detained For Subversion

May 10, 2019

Human rights lawyer Chen Jiahong (C) is taken into custody by police, April 29, 2019.

Authorities in the southwestern region of Guangxi have detained a prominent human rights lawyer who spoke out about curbs to China’s legal profession and the abolition of term limits by President Xi Jinping.

Chen Jiahong is currently under criminal detention at Guangxi’s Yulin Detention Center, on suspicion of “incitement to subvert state power,” RFA has learned.

According to fellow Guangxi lawyer Tan Yongpei, Chen’s detention came after he posted a video to social media in which he calls for “an assassination commando,” and to be “rid of this evil bureaucracy,” in an apparent reference to the ruling Chinese Communist Party.

Chen also called for a democratic process to work towards constitutional government in China, Tan said.

“The police went out and detained him less than an hour and a half after the video was posted,” Tan said. “Now that Chen Jiahong has shouted this out in public, the government will deem it to be publicly inciting subversion of state power.”

“This crossed a red line for them,” he said.


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