China: An Open Letter to Tsinghua University, signed and sealed Xu Zhangrun vs. Tsinghua University

April 22, 2019

Below we copy the Open Letter to Tsinghua University written in support of Professor Xu Zhangrun 許章潤 and originally published by us on the 5th of April 2019. This letter, which as of 20th April bears 246 signatures (arranged in alphabetical order below), has now been printed for delivery both to the President and to the Communist Party Secretary of Tsinghua University.

China Heritage has provided an overview of the ‘Xu Case’ through an ongoing series of translations and commentaries published under the title ‘Xu Zhangrun versus Tsinghua University — Voices of Protest and Resistance’ (see ‘The Xu Zhangrun Archive’, listed under Projects on this site). We believe that this material indicates that the treatment of Professor Xu in Beijing is not merely to do with a clumsy official attack on the freedom to teach, research and write that has been rightfully enjoyed by a leading academic at one of China’s most prestigious universities. It also reflects the mounting and systemic crisis in high education (and, indeed, in education more broadly) in China’s People’s Republic.

Andrew J. Nathan and I would like to thank all the colleagues and friends who have supported this appeal. As there is continuing interest in the ‘Xu Case’, others who may wish to add their names to the Open Letter should send their details to:

A further list of signatories will be published by China Heritage in the coming months.

An Open Letter to Tsinghua University, signed and sealed

A Specter Is Haunting Xi’s China: ‘Mr. Democracy’

Chinese Professor Suspended After Speaking Out About President Jinping (ITALIANO)


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