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Malaysia: ‘March to Palace of Justice’ – lawyers see red over Arun’s prison sentence

April 23, 2019

The Federal Court’s decision to impose a prison sentence on lawyer Arun Kasi for contempt has courted flak from legal eagles.

Among them was former law minister Zaid Ibrahim, who suggested that the Malaysian Bar organise a march to the Palace of Justice in Putrajaya.

“Don’t let Arun suffer alone. This is the beginning of New Malaysia that we must oppose,” he tweeted.

Eric Paulsen, the country representative to the Asean Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights, said the sentence was unnecessary and would not promote public confidence.

“Justice is not a cloistered virtue, and everyone must be allowed to be critical, rightly, wrongly, even being rude or outspoken regarding the judiciary,” he added.

‘Freedom of speech at stake’

According to Paulsen, the offence of scandalising the judiciary is archaic, and should be abolished.

“Respect for the judiciary cannot be enhanced through contempt proceedings, i.e., the courts themselves assessing whether allegations of impropriety against the judiciary are justified.

“What is at stake is freedom of speech. It is our right to speak out on matters of public interest and judges and their judgments should not be shielded from criticisms,” he tweeted.

Lawyers for Liberty (LFL) advisor N Surendran said a fine would have been sufficient in Arun’s (above) case.

“Imprisonment for contempt should be imposed only in the most serious cases. More so, since there is no right of appeal from the sentence,” he tweeted.

‘Excessive sentence’

Expressing a similar sentiment, civil rights lawyer Syahredzan Johan deemed the custodial sentence “unnecessary”.

“The custodial sentence on Arun for contempt is unnecessary. A 30-day custodial sentence is excessive. A fine would have been sufficient,” tweeted the lawyer, who is also political secretary to DAP lawmaker Lim Kit Siang.





https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/473413 (MALAYSIAN)

Iran: Long Jail Term For Iran Rights Defender Confirmed – 12 Years To Serve

April 23, 2019

Iranian human rights defender, Nasrin Sotoudeh. File photo

Imprisoned Iranian human rights lawyer and defender Nasrin Sotoudeh‘s 33-year jail sentence is final, and she must serve 12 years, the official IRNA news agency reported.

Sotoudeh who was arrested in mid-2018, was sentenced in early March to 33 years in prison and 148 lashes. She was subjected to two trials that Amnesty International has called “grossly unfair”.

The charges brought against her were mainly related to her work defending opponents of forced hijab and her opposition to the death penalty, but the government added national security related accusations to reach the heavy sentence.

The European Parliament, France, the United States and international rights organizations have all voiced support for Sotoudeh and have demanded here immediate release.

It was reported April 10 that in a telephone call between the Iranian president Hassan Rouhani and Emmanuel Macron, the French president asked for Sotoudeh’s release.




Women are wearing white on Wednesday to protest Iran’s strict hijab laws


http://www.courrier-picard.fr/179181/article/2019-04-22/un-tour-de-france-des-avocats-lance-depuis-compiegne-pour-la-liberation-de (FRANCAIS)

https://www.tgcom24.mediaset.it/mondo/iran-confermata-condanna-per-attivista-nasrin-sotoudeh_3204522-201902a.shtml (ITALIANO)

https://tg24.sky.it/mondo/2019/04/23/iran-nasrin-sotoudeh-condanna.html (ITALIANO)

https://www.diarioconstitucional.cl/noticias/actualidad-internacional/2019/04/23/amnistia-solicita-que-defensoras-de-los-derechos-humanos-de-las-mujeres-detenidas-por-protestar-pacificamente-contra-el-uso-obligatorio-del-velo-deben-quedar-en-libertad-en-iran/ (ESPANOL)


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The Philippines: Crackdown on independent media groups, rights lawyers feared

April 23, 2019

Crackdown on independent media groups, rights lawyers feared

“[I]f this is the kind of intelligence report that the President gets and bases his actions and policies on, the country is in big trouble.”

This was the reaction of journalist Ellen Tordesillas, who was named in a banner story of The Manila Times, titled “Oust Duterte plot bared,” as the distributor of the so-called Bikoy video clips that claimed that the Duterte family had received money from the narcotics trade.

The news report was written by Dante Ang, chair emeritus of The Manila Times and the President’s special envoy for international public relations.

“It’s (alarming) how they come up with such an outrageous allegation against you. It’s like an assault on your person to be accused of such,” said Tordesillas, a columnist for the Malaya newspaper and Vera Files trustee.

Calling the matrix “hogwash,” the group assailed both the alleged source and Ang for failing to explain the nature of the links between Rappler, Vera Files, the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) and the National Union of Peoples’ Lawyers (NUPL).

Rappler, Vera Files and PCIJ have been publishing reports critical of the Duterte administration.

The latest story that earned the ire of the President was PCIJ’s series on his wealth and that of his children, Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte and former Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte.

Should any harm come to the journalists and lawyers linked to the supposed matrix, Ang should be held accountable, the NUJP added.

Over walls of credulity

The NUPL said the accusations had “certainly gone over the walls of credulity.”

“It is not only a bait to engage in absurd and endless tit for tat to distract us,” it said in a statement.

“It would have been amusing were it not perilous to the safety, security and liberty, if not the lives, of each of the 500 or so lawyers” and other legal members of their group.

Crackdown on independent media groups, rights lawyers feared

Malacañang confirms ‘matrix,’ warns plotters



Lawyers: Duterte a disgrace to the legal profession

Such an absurd story! Colmenares rejects ‘hilarious’ oust-Duterte matrix


Bayan Muna, NUPL eye raps after ‘Oust Duterte plot’ accusations

PACC backs Duterte’s call for Reds to kill corrupt officials

NUPL: Ouster plot allegation ‘absurd’





7 partylist lawmakers slam slay of Escalante councilor, call for end to killings




DOJ hears transfer request of case vs lawyer charged with kidnapping witness

The matrix

Manifestation(InSupportOfdApplication4TempProtectionOrder) PILC Apr24-19

https://www.bomboradyo.com/pagkakasangko-sa-umanoy-ouster-plot-vs-duterte-mariing-pinabulaan-ng-nupl/?fbclid=IwAR2DL0ciL6WEaFeVGjz7ltysEkDIcYt1ZKDO_zJj8wzbugVEFpE8xDo5rI8 (TAGALOG)

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Vancouver, Canada

Tunisia: Tunisie : Le barreau annonce une grève dans tous les tribunaux

le 22 avril, 2019

Les avocats en grève le 24 avril

Le Conseil national de l’ordre des avocats a décrété lundi, au terme d’une réunion en urgence, une grève générale devant tous les tribunaux tunisiens ce mercredi 24 avril.

L’ordre des avocats a décidé également d’observer jeudi un mouvement de protestation des avocats dans toutes les juridictions et un sit-in du conseil de l’ordre le même jour au siège du tribunal de première instance de Jendouba pour dénoncer l’agression dont a été victime récemment un membre de l’ordre et président de la section régionale des avocats.

Il a d’autre part décidé d’organiser une manifestation des avocats en uniforme devant le ministère de l’Intérieur et d’autoriser le doyen des avocats à fixer la date et les modalités de ce mouvement de protestation.

Le conseil de l’ordre va informer par ailleurs toutes les organisations internationales, arabes, régionales, sociales, professionnelles et des droits de l’homme, des “actes qui prennent pour cible les avocats tunisiens et de la tentative de violer les droits et les libertés et du retour aux pratiques de la tyrannie”, selon le texte de la déclaration du conseil.

Tunisie: Le barreau annonce une grève dans tous les tribunaux

Jendouba : Accusations de violences entre un avocat et des policiers


Le barreau annonce une grève mercredi dans tous les tribunaux



Tunisie: La LTDH accuse le ministère de l’Intérieur de violence policière


Une « agression » qui fait des remous Le torchon brûle entre la police et le barreau

Iran: Detained Defense Attorney to Be Tried on Four Charges for Peaceful Activities

April 22, 2019

Detained defense attorney Amirsalar Davoudi is facing four charges for running a Telegram app channel for lawyers in Iran and giving interviews to foreign news organizations, attorney Vahid Farahani told the Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI) on April 16, 2019.

Two of the charges brought by Branch 1 of the court of Evin Prison are “propaganda against the state” and “insulting officials.”

The other two, brought by Branch 2 of the prison’s court, are “collaborating with an enemy state through an interview with Voice of America’s television channel” and “forming a group to overthrow the state.”

“All the charges are based on what he wrote on Without Retouch, a Telegram channel Mr. Davoudi managed before his arrest, as well as his interviews with a television network operating outside Iran,” Farahani said.

“I have been given permission to study the file against my client and I was able to meet him [in prison] on one occasion for two hours,” he said.

The state-funded Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) had previously quoted Davoudi’s attorney stating that the case had been sent to be tried at Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court in Tehran presided by Judge Abolqasem Salavati, who is notorious for issuing lengthy sentences in politically sensitive cases. No date has been scheduled.

Farahani also told IRNA that the charge of “assembly and collusion against national security” had been dropped against Davoudi’s wife, Tannaz Kolahchian. It is not clear on what basis she was charged.

Detained Defense Attorney to Be Tried on Four Charges for Peaceful Activities  




https://www.lagazzettadilucca.it/cultura-e-spettacolo/2019/04/nasrin-sotoudeh-il-filo-rosso-degli-avvocati-passa-anche-da-lucca/ (ITALIANO)


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Le 13e avocat arrêté depuis le 1er janvier 2018

Depuis le premier janvier 2018, ce sont au moins 13 avocats, qui ont été arrêtés, dans le cadre d’une campagne de répression visant à les empêcher de défendre des personnes – et parfois leurs confrères – arrêtés pour des motifs politiques : Zeynab Taheri, Arash Keykhosravi, Ghassem Sholeh-Sadi, Masoud Javadieh, Payam Derafshan, Farokh Forouzan, Hoda Amid, Mostafa Daneshjoo puis Nasrin Sotoudeh et Mohammad Najafi, Amirsalar Davoudi, Hossein Ahmadiniaz ou encore Mostafa Tork Hamadani.
Si Masoud Javadieh et Hossein Ahmadiniaz ont été presque aussitôt relâché, si Zeynab Taheri, Payam Derafshan, Farokh Forouzan Arash Keykhosravi, Ghassem Sholeh-Sadi, ou Hoda Amid ont fini par être libérés sous caution, Mohammad Najafi n’a connu la liberté que quelques jours avant d’être arrêté de nouveau. Quant à Nasrin Sotoudeh Mostafa Daneshjoo et Amirsalar Davoudi, ils croupissent en prison. Mostafa Tork Hamadani a été placé en détention le 3 février 2019 à la prison d’Evin. Le 4 février, une vingtaine d’avocats publiés une lettre ouverte au peuple iranien déclarant que l’emprisonnement de leur confrère, Mostafa Tork Hamedani, à la prison d’Evin, à Téhéran, constituait une violation des engagements internationaux pris par l’Iran aux principes du procès équitable.
Hossein Ahmadiniaz a prononcé une déclaration publique : “La place d’un avocat n’est pas en prison, c’est dans une salle d’audience où sont défendus les droits de la population”.

Tout ceci est naturellement dans le supplément spécial Iran de l’Observatoire : 20 pages

“La situation des avocats en Iran
ce que l’on ne vous dit pas “.

(L’Observatoire des Avocats Facebook, 23/04/19)

China: An Open Letter to Tsinghua University, signed and sealed Xu Zhangrun vs. Tsinghua University

April 22, 2019

Below we copy the Open Letter to Tsinghua University written in support of Professor Xu Zhangrun 許章潤 and originally published by us on the 5th of April 2019. This letter, which as of 20th April bears 246 signatures (arranged in alphabetical order below), has now been printed for delivery both to the President and to the Communist Party Secretary of Tsinghua University.

China Heritage has provided an overview of the ‘Xu Case’ through an ongoing series of translations and commentaries published under the title ‘Xu Zhangrun versus Tsinghua University — Voices of Protest and Resistance’ (see ‘The Xu Zhangrun Archive’, listed under Projects on this site). We believe that this material indicates that the treatment of Professor Xu in Beijing is not merely to do with a clumsy official attack on the freedom to teach, research and write that has been rightfully enjoyed by a leading academic at one of China’s most prestigious universities. It also reflects the mounting and systemic crisis in high education (and, indeed, in education more broadly) in China’s People’s Republic.

Andrew J. Nathan and I would like to thank all the colleagues and friends who have supported this appeal. As there is continuing interest in the ‘Xu Case’, others who may wish to add their names to the Open Letter should send their details to:


A further list of signatories will be published by China Heritage in the coming months.

An Open Letter to Tsinghua University, signed and sealed


A Specter Is Haunting Xi’s China: ‘Mr. Democracy’

Chinese Professor Suspended After Speaking Out About President Jinping




http://www.valorelavoro.com/index.php/2019/04/appello-a-favore-di-xu-zhangrun-docente-delluniversita-cinese-tsinghua/ (ITALIANO)