UK: Leading climate lawyer arrested after gluing herself to Shell headquarters

April 16, 2019

Breaking the law has become more important than making the law, said Farhana Yamin, who charged through a police cordon outside the oil company on Tuesday

After decades working inside the law, international climate lawyer and diplomat Farhana Yamin charged through a police line, dived under the arms of an officer and superglued her hands to the pavement outside the London headquarters of oil company Shell.

Her action, which took place on Tuesday, was part of a rolling set of protests taking place across London and the world under the Extinction Rebellion banner. She later joined a growing tally of activists to be arrested.

Yamin is a legal expert who has advised various developing countries in climate negotiations and is an associate fellow at Chatham House. On Tuesday, she told Climate Home News that the Paris Agreement, which she helped negotiate in 2015, was “not delivering”.

“I thought that was my story,” she said. “I thought that the law and science and speaking truth to power worked. That we would be able to act with kindness and in time and on the basis of the precautionary principle and all these lovely ideas that we enshrined in law in the early 80s and 90s. (FRANCAIS)


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