Belgium: Belgian Advocates To Sue Government Due To Underfunding – Head Of Bar Association

April 12, 2019

Belgian Advocates to Sue Government Due to Underfunding - Head of Bar Association association that unites French- and German-speaking chambers of advocates in Belgium will lodge a judicial complaint against the country’s government over underfunding the state bar in May, the association’s President Jean-Pierre Buyle said on Friday.

“We have two complaints. First, the lack of respect for the independence of the judiciary caused by the lack of resources allocated [the staff list is not full]. Second, the violation of the citizens’ effective recourse, including the inability to deliver justice within a reasonable time,” Buyle said as quoted by Le Soir newspaper.

The complaint will be filed with a French court in Brussels in May.

Belgian Minister of Justice Koen Geens said in March that the kingdom needed 740 million Euros($836 million) to improve the situation with the financing of justice institutions.

In March, Belgian judges and state lawyers already went on strike expressing dissatisfaction with the lack of workers and underfunding of the judiciary, as well as against the infrastructural problems that it faces. The strike came within the campaign named “66 days to save justice”, initiated by and other juridical associations and trade unions. In advance of the upcoming Belgian Federal election scheduled for May 26, the campaign is aimed to draw attention of citizens and politicians to the main demands of the judicial community such as adequate funding of state bar and providing effective access to justice for all citizens. (FRANCAIS) (FRANCAIS) (FRANCAIS) (FRANCAIS) (DEUTSCH)


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