China: A Statement by Lawyer Chen Jiangang, Blocked Today From Leaving China to Take Part in the Humphrey Fellowship Program

April 1, 2019

In the summer of 2018, I applied for the “Humphrey H. Humphrey Fellowship Program” to study law and human rights. After I was interviewed and had taken the TOEFL, I was accepted into the program. According to arrangements made by the program administrators, I was due to fly to the United States on April 1, 2019, to participate in English study in advance of the start of my program.

In order to succeed in traveling to the United States to study, I contacted the relevant personnel of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau (Beijing PSB) to ask if I was still prohibited from leaving the country. I was told that I was prohibited from going to the United States for educational exchange, and that the exit ban on me and my family was of unlimited duration. The relevant personnel at the Beijing PSB told me that there were two reasons for the ban: first, I represented Xie Yang, one of the lawyers detained in the “709 Lawyers Incident”; second, the US government accepted me as a visiting scholar, “Who knows what they are up to in getting you to come to the US?”

Today, April 1, 2019, I went to the Beijing Capital Airport in the morning to board the plane [flight DL128]. I was pulled away at Customs (海关). A Customs official, who wore the name tag Zhang Guoxin (张国信), told me: Per instructions from the Beijing Public Security Bureau, Chen Jiangang will not be allowed to pass through Customs because his exit will endanger national security. They refused to give me any explanation in writing. After I demanded repeatedly for the basis of the exit ban, Zhang Guoxin replied: “The reasons cannot be explicitly stated; we just can’t let you leave the country.”

CHINE – J – 30 –

Pour les persécutés
du cabinet Fengrui
et les autres

CHINE – 9 mai 2019
J – 30 – Révocation de licence annoncée pour les avocats du cabinet Fengrui
Liu Xiaoyuan, Zhou Lixin, Wang Yu, Bao Longjun

Tous les anciens avocats du cabinet Fengrui (et ceux qui les ont défendus) sont en passe de perdre définitivement leur licence. En mars 2018, le bureau de la justice de Pékin a suspendu la licence légale du cabinet d’avocats Fengrui. Le 9 novembre 2018, après après la fermeture de la succursale de Nanchong, dans le Sichuan, la licence du cabinet Fengrui a été définitivement révoquée.. Depuis cette date, tous les anciens avocats du cabinet, Liu Xiaoyuan, Zhou Lixin, qui travaillait dans la succursale de Guizhou, Wang Yu et son mari, Bao Longjun, disposent d’un délai de six mois, soit jusqu’au 9 mai 2019, pour…

For More :

(L’Observatoire des Avocats Facebook, 08/04/19)


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