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Sudan: Sudanese Human Rights Lawyer, Mohamed Yosiaf Mohamed, re-arrested amid serious concerns for his health

March 29, 2019

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The Sudanese Human Rights Initiative (SHRI) is deeply concerned about the wellbeing of human rights lawyer, Mohamed Yosiaf Mohamed, following his re-arrest on 26th March, 2019. Mohamed had only been released from detention 5 days previously (on 21st March) having been held since 30th December 2018. He was re-arrested at his office in the Ammart, Khartoum, on his first day back at work since his release. security officials arrested Sudanese lawyer,

Mohamed’s exact whereabouts are unknown. He has not been allowed contact with his family or lawyer.

SHRI is particularly concerned that Mohamed may be at risk of torture. During his previous detention, he was personally summoned by the Director General of Sudan’s National Security and Intelligence Services (NISS), Salah Gosh. Gosh accused Mohamed , along with 8 other activists, of having initiated and led the protests that have been ongoing in Sudan since December 2018. In an attempt to crackdown on demonstrations, scores of known activists have been arrested by NISS, regardless of their actual involvement in the protests. The unfounded accusation by NISS’s most senior officer, that Mohamed has taken a leading role in these protests, puts his security in detention at high risk.

Mohamed suffers from poor health, including heart disease, high blood pressure and asthma. His health deteriorated considerably during his previous detention, where he was denied access to medical treatment for almost 3 months.

The release and almost immediate re-arrest of a targeted activist is a known NISS strategy, allowing them to prolong detention and deflect international pressure to release activists. It places considerable mental stress to detainees and their families.
Mohamed Yosiaf Mohamed Abdalrahan is a human rights lawyer, who has worked tirelessly to progress freedom of religion and belief in Sudan. He was previously an activist with the Sudanese Human Rights Initiative (SHRI), where he provided legal aid and worked on human rights monitoring and advocacy. Abdalrahan was a leading member of the Sudanese civil society delegation that attended the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, in 2018.


South Africa: ‘Assault’ charges dropped against Richard Spoor for ‘pointing [a general] with a finger’

March 28, 2019

Richard Spoor speaks to Minister of Mineral Resources Gwede Mantashe at a Xolobeni community meeting on 23 September. Photo extracted from video shot by the Amadiba Crisis Committee.

The prominent human rights lawyer found himself in a chaotic encounter with Gwede Mantashe last year.

Charges against prominent public interest lawyer Richard Spoor have been withdrawn.

Spoor was charged with unlawfully and intentionally assaulting a police general “by pointing him with a finger”; disobeying an order by the police general to “keep quiet and not advance to the podium”; and “waiving hands” at an unnamed MEC (actually a national cabinet minister), and talking while the “MEC” was talking and “pointing him with a finger” [sic all].

The charges – described by Spoor’s legal representative as “a persecution and not a prosecution” – stemmed from an incident-filled visit by Mineral Resources Minister Gwede Mantashe to Pondoland last September.

Here, many of the local Amadiba community are opposing an attempt by an Australian mining company to extract titanium from the mineral-rich coastal dunes in their traditional heritage and communal land at Xolobeni.

Spoor, from White River in Mpumalanga, has represented the anti-mining Amadiba Crisis Committee community group for the past 12 years.




Venezuela: Roberto Marrero’s family and lawyers await his hearing outside the Palace of Justice

March 27, 2019

A group of AN deputies gathered outside the Palace of Justice in Caracas, awaiting the audience of Roberto Marrero, head of the office of the president of the National Assembly, Juan Guaidó.

Next to them are Marrero’s lawyers and family members.

Marrero was arrested in the early hours of Thursday, during a raid on his home. Then he was accused by the National Government of being “the organizer” of a “terrorist” plan against Nicolás Maduro.

On Monday, Marrero’s lawyer, Joel Garcia, assured that Marrero’s transfer has not yet taken place, “After the imputation of three crimes they now speak of other crimes,” he said.

García also warned that the accusations made by Jorge Rodriguez on Saturday against Marrero and the captures of WhatsApp conversations shown do not appear in the files to which they had access. “I want to warn about Jorge Rodriguez’s words, about some captures, that there is nothing on the minutes of the files we had on Friday.

Reinaldo Marrero, Roberto Marrero’s brother, made an appeal from the place to the International Community to ask them to eliminate the charges that have been announced against them by members of the national government. “We are firm in our demand to release Roberto, who has nothing to do with the charges against him,” he said.







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Iran/France: تصویر نسرین ستوده بر دیوار ساختمان شورای ملی کانون وکلای فرانسه نصب


تصویر بزرگی از نسرین ستوده روز پنجشنبه ۲۸ مارس بر دیوار ساختمان شورای ملی کانون وکلای فرانسه در پاریس نصب شد. دولت فرانسه، پارلمان و شواری اروپا در هفته‌های اخیر در پیام‌های جداگانه‌ای خواستار آزادی نسرین ستوده شده اند.

نسرین ستوده وکیل و فعال حقوق بشر در ایران هم اکنون در زندان اوین به سر می‌برد. او به ۳۸ سال حبس و ۱۴۸ ضربه شلاق محکوم شده است. با این حال قاضی صادرکننده حکم می‌گوید تنها هفت سال از حکم زندان وی قابل اجرا است.

نسرین ستوده در سال‌های گذشته به دلیل پذیرش پرونده وکالت مخالفان و منتقدان حکومت ایران به ویژه دختران خیابان انقلاب که مخالف حجاب اجباری هستند، تحت فشار بوده است.

شورای ملی کانون وکلای فرانسه با راه‌انداختن کمپینی حمایت خود را از خانم ستوده و مخالفتش را با حکم ۳۸ سال زندان و ۱۴۸ ضربه شلاق برای او اعلام کرده است. تاکنون ۲۰۰ هزار امضا در این کمپین ثبت شده است.

به اینستاگرام یورونیوز فارسی بپیوندید

«با جامعه‌ای در معرض خطر مواجهیم»

کریستین فرال-شول، رئیس شورای ملی کانون‌های وکلای فرانسه درباره این پرونده گفت: «حکم محکومیت این وکیل بسیار سنگین است. او به ۳۸ سال زندان، ۱۴۸ ضربه شلاق محکوم شده است. او به دلیل انجام وظایف شغلیش محکوم شده است.»


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کانون ملی وکلای #فرانسه با نصب بنر بزرگی از #نسرین_ستوده، مدافع حقوق بشر و حقوق زنان، روبروی ساختمان خود در شهر #پاریسخواستار آزادی او شد.
این وکیل برجسته حقوق بشری به ۳۸ سال زندان و ۱۴۸ ضربه شلاق محکوم شده است.


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Vietnam/Switzerland: Nguyen Van Dai Addresses the 2019 Geneva Summit

March 27, 2019







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