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USA: Reporters, lawyers say they were detained at border, asked opinions of Trump: report

March 19, 2019

Reporters, lawyers say they were detained at border, asked opinions of Trump: report

A journalist and four immigration lawyers were stopped and questioned at the border in recent months, and at least one was asked about their political beliefs, NBC News reported Monday.

The four told NBC they were questioned at U.S.-Mexico border stations in Arizona and Texas.

NBC reports that their questioning comes in addition to a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) watch list of 59 lawyers, journalists and othersthat was previously uncovered by NBC 7 San Diego.

A CBP spokesperson had told NBC previously that the watch list was specific to San Diego.

Taylor Levy and Hector Ruiz, who give legal aid to asylum-seekers and whose names do not reportedly appear on the San Diego list, said they were questioned near El Paso, Texas.

Ruiz told NBC that agents who said they work on criminal and terrorism cases asked him about his political beliefs, specifically what he thinks of the Trump administration.

“They asked me what my opinion was on the administration, just generally. And how we are doing economically,” he said.

Levy said she was told she would be arrested if she did not answer agents’ questions and was told she could not speak with an attorney. Both said they were detained for hours.







Canada: Lawyer threatend with suspension over ‘diversity’ mandate quits

March 23, 2019

‘Law Society prescribing with the force of law what to say and what to think’


A Canadian law society’s requirement for “diversity and inclusion” is forcing a lawyer who has been practicing for 30 years to quit.

Murray Klippenstein said he has always worked to advance social justice and is “horrified” to see what his own professional regulator was imposing, the Christian Institute said.

In reaction to a disputed report charging “systemic racism” in the legal profession, the Law Society of Ontario made lawyers abide by a “Statement of Principles.”

The statement requires lawyers to acknowledge “their obligation to promote equality, diversity and inclusion generally.”

Lawyers also must “demonstrate a personal valuing” of those concepts, the law society said.

Klippenstein said the law society “was demanding that lawyers and paralegals draft and then obey a set of specific political ideas – both in their personal and professional lives – as a condition of their license.”

He said he would not be told what to say or what to value, so he’s refusing to comply.

And he’s joining a lawsuit against the moral code.

“Today, we are being told to promote ‘equality, diversity and inclusion.’ But once this line has been crossed, the content doesn’t matter. And tomorrow, we might be asked to pledge allegiance to some other ideological doctrine,” he warned.

He established his social justice credentials in a column for Quillette.