Turkey: Judicial farce must end with acquittal of human rights defenders

March 20, 2019

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Almost two years after they were first arrested, two prominent figures from Amnesty International Turkey and nine other human rights defenders must be acquitted of the absurd charges they still face, said Amnesty International ahead of their trial which resumes tomorrow in Istanbul.

Taner Kılıç, Amnesty Turkey’s Honorary Chair, and İdil Eser, the organization’s former Turkey Director, are being tried alongside nine other activists on baseless allegations of “membership of a terrorist organisation”.

“After almost two years and without a shred of credible evidence presented to substantiate the absurd charges made against them, it is now time to end this judicial farce and acquit Taner and the Istanbul 10,” said Kumi Naidoo, Amnesty International’s Secretary General.

“Over the course of six trial hearings, the prosecutor’s case against the human rights defenders has been comprehensively disproven. The court must now finally lift the threat of conviction that needlessly hangs over their heads and put an end to their ordeal.”

Taner Kılıç spent more than 14 months in prison before his release on bail in August 2018. Eight of the Istanbul 10 spent almost four months each behind bars before they were bailed in October 2017.

“Taner and the Istanbul 10 have dedicated their lives to defending the rights of others and are potent symbols of what is happening under the government’s relentless crackdown in Turkey today,” said Kumi Naidoo.





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